Possessions, Values, Income.

Hemisphere Lower (Northern)

Quadrant I (North-Eastern)

Orientation Personal (“me in here”)

Classification Succedent (“stabilizing”)

Squares 5th & 11th House

Opposition 8th House

Element Earth

Rulers Venus, Taurus

Environment of Material

We are living in a material world. Literally. The second house is the environment of “the material”. In the second house we become aware of our physical body, and preferences. We are on about possessions, values, money – our access to these things, and how we best use them, and sometimes how we misuse them. The second house is classified as a “succedent” house. It stabilizes the energies of the preceding “angular” house. In the case of the 2nd house, we’re making our identity concrete, we’re making it tangible, and we are evolving from the identity realm (1st House). Now that we know we are a separate being, we see our predisposition toward our desires and urges of possessions, what it is that we truly value, by gazing into the second house: What sign is on the cusp of the second house?

What planets (energies) are in our second house and what planets aspect (exchange) our second house? Aspects to the 5th and 11th would square the 2nd house and generate a type of friction that needs to be worked through and solved. Aspects to the 8th would be in opposition to the 2nd house, creating an inevitable polarity between the material and the immaterial. What sign (expression) is on the cusp of your 2nd house, and in what element, modality, and orientation? All of these factors are key in interpreting this environment of your life.

Profit and Possessions

Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house – manifesting the expression “to have”, a simpler definition of possessions. How we choose to have and possess writes itself into the 2nd house at the moment of birth.

Our second house determines where we place our focus when we invite objects, ideas, concepts into our worlds, “what” and “who”: people, and the nature – or lack thereof which surround us. This environment implies what kind of people in our worlds who hold similar/differing interests and beliefs, all the way to the types of decorations, furniture, knickknacks, we keep in our homes, places we choose to shop, to our own private places that we escape for solitude. Not so much the act of doing these things as the preference we have and our access to them, what we find of importance. The second house could be a great place to look to when we’re thinking of acquiring new possessions, (houses, electronics, jewelry, businesses, land and) anything that can increase our material wealth.

The second house can be telling toward loss, and how we handle it. Transits play a huge role in a sudden shift in what matters most. If you are going through a period or phase, where your tastes are changing, and you’re looking to make some big changes, it’s likely that you’re second house could be a sensitive environment during that time.

30° of you

We enter the second house at thirty° of the birth chart – Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house – manifesting the expression “to have”, a simpler definition of possessions. How we choose to have and possess writes itself into the 2nd house at the moment of birth. With the second house we’re not just looking at possessions in a sense of ownership, but we’re also looking at our material worth, as well as our resources. We move a step up from the ego – identity, of the 1st house, into a physical-ego. Our journey here is about understanding and beholding.

Although our personal natal second house environment is set by the Sign on the cusp, our emphasis on our material world, and things of importance can shift throughout life, as we grow and evolve with the universe. The planets continue to shift and move around their paths in the solar system (transits). As planets transit across our first our second house – we experience newfound emphasis surrounding our identity, during these phases. For example, a Venus shifting through your first house might have you beautifying your surroundings, your clothes, your look, or possibly finding balance and harmony in this area of your life. Venus essentially would “light up” this area of the material or body/physical ego.