3 Planet Return

I haven’t gotten anywhere close to site release yet; but, I felt compelled to write about my 3 planet return (coincidence). I’m experiencing transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter (Libra), transiting Venus conjunct natal Venus (Scorpio), and transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars (Capricorn), all at the same time. Interestingly, this is all happening right as my progressed rising is moving into Scorpio, and my progressed new Moon into Capricorn. I am a natal Virgo Rising, crit degree 29°, and always-will-be. But I have been experiencing for most of my life a progressed Libra rising. So now it is the dawn of Scorpio.

To kick things off I planned myself a week-long Meretreat, in Sedona, AZ. So far it’s just been breathtaking, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and left me speechless on so many accounts. I still have 4 more nights here, and so much more to take in.

I’ve picked this spot due to the inner desire to get out into nature, and draw energy from the earth to take back with me. To become infused with the earthly energy of the rocks, and help to keep me grounded and healthy in the next several years to come. I’m struggling with health issues that center around the lack or blockage of energy flow.

After picking this place, I learned that the astro-cartography is SPOT on. Jupiter crossing Mars IC line – basically all about abundance of energy and motivation and drive. Supersync.