The IC, Home, Private Life.

Hemisphere Lower (Northern)

Quadrant II (North-Western)

Orientation Personal (“me in here”)

Classification Angular (“activating”)

Squares 7th & 1st House

Opposes 10th House

Element Water

Rulers Moon, Cancer

Environment of Home

We stop and sink in and consolidate the three preceding houses. We know who we are (1H), we know what we have (2H), and we have discovered our environment (3H). The fourth house is the house of the home, where we settle down and develop our own space for reflection and regeneration. We make space to reconnect with the innermost “self”. The fourth house is an angular house, so it is another environment of activation. It is the last house of the personal orientation, where we resonate and draw conclusions on the concept of “me in here”.

What planets (energies) are in our 4th house and what planets aspect (exchange) our second house? Aspects to the 7th and 1st would square the 4th house and generate a type of friction that needs to be worked through and solved – from other angular houses. Aspects to the 4th (private/IC) would be in opposition to the 10th (public/MC) house, creating an inevitable polarity between the private and the public. What sign (expression) is on the cusp of your 4th house, and in what element, modality, and orientation? All of these factors are key in interpreting this environment of your life.

The IC - Southernmost Chart Point

It is here on the IC where we regulate our individual characteristics in a final stable format. The IC is where we fall back into ourselves, we escape the distractions of the world of the world and getting caught up in interactions and materials – and we shift our focus inward, to the deepest depths. The IC is where we can be ourselves, to rest and get prepared to embark outward once again. The IC is the mediator between the action and the actor, between ourselves and what plays out. Here we take the time to reflect and we differentiate between what has happened and what we have experienced from the happening – that then becomes a part of who we are.

IC = home base. The fourth house describes what we create in the home and how. It is synonymous with the atmosphere of our home-life, and exhibits the qualities of what we as a whole resonate with, organically. This is why we can just let go, and be ourselves when we are at home, or in an environment that “feels like home”. Do you notice that when you’re at home you and those you live with behave differently in the privacy of home than you would in a public or speculative setting? It feels so good to get home from a long days’ work, or a day of outdoor activities, errands, shopping – and just flop into the sofa. That feeling when you let go and fall back into your soft sofa cushion, that is the IC.

Use the IC for meditation, therapy, self-discovery, learning about the deepest and most intimate internal motivations. This is where we plant seeds and tend to their care, nurture, and hopefully watch those seeds grow. Alternatively, use the IC to reap the fruits of your harvest, cure, and integrate them into yourself. It’s about growth and discovery, and also about application and integration of experience into the self.

90° of you

We begin the fourth house at 90° of the birth chart – ruled by the Moon and Cancer: early home life, evolutionary roots, family origin, ethnic origins, ancestral origins, and traditions. While traditionally the 4th is associated with the Mother and the open maternity and the 10th is associated with the Father and more private “paternity”, it is more appropriate to say that the parent who is most “prominent/public” is associated with the 10th house, and the parent who is most “hidden/private” is associated with the 4th house. The parent that is primarily responsible for raising you, teaching you, being your primary ‘correspondent’ to school, friends, activities, and so forth – we think 10th. The parent that is less visible to the outward world and more privately associated, then you would attribute that parent to the 4th. The fourth is origins, so we think here about where we inherit our names.

As mentioned above, planets and signs in the fourth can have an impact on how we experience our parents, too. For instance with Mars in the 4th house we may see aggression and or misplaced passion, more often in our families than not. Even if it isn’t always an aggressive atmosphere – we will retain that image more easily and readily. It would take work and awareness to go out of our way to see it otherwise. Just as well, we can tend to color our parents in this way to the point that this is what they become – from years of projections.

We later move into life with these ideas we have cemented. Transits to this house can influence how soon or how late (or if ever) we become aware of old/outdated patterns that need to be changed within ourselves, to create newer and more relevant attitudes.