Creation, Children, Hobbies.

Hemisphere Lower (Northern)

Quadrant II (North-Western)

Orientation Social (“me in here” + “you out there”)

Classification Succedent (“stabilizing”)

Squares 8th & 2nd House

Opposes 11th House

Element Fire

Rulers Sun, Leo

Environment of Creativity

In the 5th house we are in the place where we know who we are, what is important to us, how to communicate it, and how to integrate and apply events to personal experience. We now recognize that we are unique and we are special, and that we have come into this life to possess a special gift (or gifts). The 5th house is a succedent house, this is where we make manifest our own creations. I call this house the something from nothing house. The 5th house is a blank canvas, figuratively speaking, where we use our tools (2h) to create the scene and in whatever medium we like. In the 5th house we have an urge to be recognized, to captivate, and for some to leave behind a legacy that lives on long beyond our lifetime. The 5th house is about production of artistic and creative endeavors: the art of living. Challenges in the 5th house can revolve around not finding enough time to properly express ourselves by being overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities. Although commitments are important, it’s also important that make time for these special pursuits to enhance our specialness.

What planets (energies) are in our 5th house and what planets aspect (exchange) our 5th house? Aspects to the 8th and 2nd would square the 5th house and generate a type of friction that needs to be worked through and solved – from other angular houses. Aspects to the 11th would be in opposition to the 5th house, creating an inevitable polarity between creating on our own or in collaboration (11H) with other people. What sign (expression) is on the cusp of your 5th house, and in what element, modality, and orientation? All of these factors are key in interpreting this environment of your life.

Creation and Purity

The 5th house also covers hobbies and re[creation]al activities: sports and gaming, allowing us to exert and put forth the energies we possess to create events and moments that are unique and representative of ourselves and what we can do – and most importantly, that makes us feel good, and reminds us that we are alive. Similarly, romance is also covered in the 5th house, as this contributes to our sense of worth.

However, one of the bigger representations of the 5th house is children – creation in its most basic form. Not the act of creating children (8H); but, the children themselves. Children are extensions of ourselves, that play out the entire process we’ve been through up until this point (1st through the 4th houses). In many ways when we create, and feel an urge for recognition and appreciation we’re essentially expressing our own inner child. This is the part of us that loves to play: remember playing “house”? Remember playing “school”? Remember “riding bikes” and playing “make-believe” as a child – as an adult we do the very same things – but on a completely different scale.

120° of you

At 120° of you we enter the 5th house of blossoming individuality. The 5th house is naturally ruled by the Sun and Leo. We want to shine like a star in the 5th house, and we want to make an impact. We can be critical in this house, because we want to release only the best of what we can do and what we have to offer. Many people will find there is a struggle when it comes to creating – regardless of how powerful the urge is to do so. Sometimes we get creative blocks, or we encounter distractions, both internally and externally. The decision to release works and to keep works to ourselves happens inside of this house. In the end – we create for ourselves because of the happiness it brings, and because it is in our nature (we are creation).