Descendant, Partners, Relationships.

Hemisphere Upper (Southern)

Quadrant III (South-Western)

Orientation Social (“me in here” + “you out there”)

Classification Angular (“activating”)

Squares 10th & 4th House

Opposes 1st House

Element Air

Rulers Venus, Libra

Environment of Others

The 7th house is the house of “others”, the house of the “not-self”. In the 7th house we’re moving into new territory. We’re now in above the horizon line, in the first house that is about our interactions with other people. The 7th house reminds us that nothing exists in isolation, or the famous saying “no man is an island”. The 7th house marks the halfway point around the 12 houses and signifies a shift in our direction, we’re no longer moving “outward” we’ve now turned around and we’re headed back to where we started. Here we find our approach to relationships, the kind of partner we are looking for in life, and activities that we get involved in that remind us why it is that other people are so significant in our lives. When we look at the 7th house we think of all kinds of relationships, marriage, friends, business, enemies.

What planets (energies) are in our 7th house and what planets aspect (exchange) our 7th house? Aspects to the 10th and 4th would square the 7th house and generate a type of friction that needs to be worked through and solved – from other angular houses. It relates to the connections we form toward groups (7H), and ours private life (4H) – but, the 7th house sets the precedence to our relationships, to families, friends, business partners and lovers. Aspects to the 1st would be in opposition to the 7th house, creating an inevitable polarity between others (7H) and self (1H). What sign (expression) is on the cusp of your 7th house, and in what element, modality, and orientation? All of these factors are key in interpreting this environment of your life.


Connections with other people is one of the most basic of human desires. As physical creatures, we long for connection, for bonding. We also need other people in our lives to reach goals, have purpose, carry on conversations, intimacy, business partnerships, etc. Underlying qualities or aspects of our unconscious are projected onto the world, and we usually attract or carry an expectation for other people to fulfill these qualities. This is so that they can be a part of our lives and in essence, complete us or make us whole. Howard Sasportas teaches that our partner’s charts can reflect our own 7th house. Activity in the 7th house also describe the condition of our relationships, how they play out – what kind of relationships are brought to us.

180° of you

We enter the 7th house at 180° of the birth chart – the natural ruler of the 7th house is Libra, ruled by Venus, who also rules the 2nd house. The 7th house also integrates some concepts from the 12th in that it’s related to the material world, just that the specific “organic” material of the 7th house is in effect, other people. Just as the sign on the house cusp has an impact on the way relationships are expressed in our house, it’s also important to look to the ruling planet of the 7th house cusp sign. Say you have the natural ruler of Libra on your 7th house natal cusp. You would then look to where Venus, the ruler of Libra, is located in your chart and in which house, and which sign, and what aspects she makes. The results would be an indicator of what you look for in relationships. If your Venus is in the 3rd house, in the sign of Gemini, you may find value in communications in your relationships, in understanding and piecing together things – you want your partner knowledgeable and you also want this tone in the relationship.