Sex, Death, Taboo.

Hemisphere Upper (Southern)

Quadrant III (South-Western)

Orientation Social (“me in here” + “you out there”)

Classification Succedent (“stabilizing”)

Squares 11th & 5th House

Opposes 2nd House

Element Water

Rulers Pluto, Scorpio

Environment of Immaterial

The 8th house can be quite difficult to really pin-down, but it’s immaterial after all. With the second house, in opposition, being the house of material values, you can think of the second house as being immaterial or “other people’s values”. The 8th house is associated with the “darker side of life”. Sex, Death, Occult, Taxes, Borrowed money/Loans, and is also considered a spiritual house. So you see – the 8th house is one of the more complex house environments. The 8th house seems to have an underlying theme of abandonment or emptiness – where we are seeking ways of fulfilling the emptiness. With sex, we merge with another – and only temporarily. With death, it is also a release, or an escape. When we think of occults they are also an escape something we share with others in response to something that is missing. Borrowed money – because we lack money. Spiritual pursuits to go into a world that is separate from where we currently exist.

What planets (energies) are in our 8th house and what planets aspect (exchange) our 8th house? Aspects to the 11th and 5th would square the 8th house and generate a type of friction that needs to be worked through and solved – from other succedent houses. It relates to the connections we form in our social-groups (11H), and our desire to create and feel special (5H) – while 8H deals with what some call the darker, or more intense areas of life. Aspects to the 2nd would be in opposition to the 8th house, creating an inevitable polarity between the tangible/values (2H) and intangible/someone-elses-values (8H). What sign (expression) is on the cusp of your 8h house, and in what element, modality, and orientation? All of these factors are key in interpreting this environment of your life.

Legacy, Inheritances, The 'Astral Plane'

The 8th house is associated with Legacy in the sense that what you accrue financially and even in your family name is passed down to generations after you and becomes “theirs” – though they did not have to work for it. Alternatively, it works the same way with inheritances. Placements in the 8th house will speak to those two things – if a person has Saturn in the 8th house, depending on the sign and the aspects it makes, would say if you are predisposed to a legacy/inheritance or if there would be challenges. Another association to the 8th house is the “Astral Plane”. Whenever you walk into a place and you suddenly get a strong feeling that something is or isn’t right – those strong feelings that cannot be explained or understood scientifically are what we would consider the “Astral Plane”, and that energy would correlate with your 8th house dealings.

210° of you

We enter the 8th house at 210° of the birth chart, just coming out of the 7th house of relationships. The 8th is also a certain level of relationships in that it has to do with merging and involvement of other people – and the things they have that you don’t have that you want, or sometimes don’t want. Drug addiction, or any addiction for that matter is also associated with the 8th house. Addiction is a type of escape and coping mechanism for dealing with areas of life that we do not want to deal with. The 8th house foundationally is the raging infant inside of each of us. How we handle these areas goes back to our relationship with our mother – our very first love relationship.