Philosophy, Journeys, Learning.

Hemisphere Upper (Southern)

Quadrant III (South-Western)

Orientation Universal (“us in here”)

Classification Cadent (“distributing”)

Squares 12th & 6th House

Opposes 3rd House

Element Fire

Rulers Jupiter, Sagittarius

Environment of Truth

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Life's Journey in the Body and Mind

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What planets (energies) are in our 9th house and what planets aspect (exchange) our 9th house? Aspects to the 12th and 6th would square the 9th house and generate a type of friction that needs to be worked through and solved – from other cadent houses. It relates to the connections we form in the area of our soul (12H), and the mundane (6H) – the 9th takes the needs of the two and merges them together, with regards to “purpose” he is the “greater purpose”. Aspects to the 3rd would be in opposition to the 9th house, creating an inevitable polarity between logic (3H) and the abstract (9H). What sign (expression) is on the cusp of your 9th house, and in what element, modality, and orientation? All of these factors are key in interpreting this environment of your life.

240° of you

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