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Who is Mermade?

Life, energy, a complex series of systems. Interconnected atoms and molecules. Mass, feeling, thought, emotion, physics, metaphysics. One, all. feeler, thinker, initiator, empathizer, student, astrologer, analyst, listener, creator, expressionist, strategist, planner.

What Motivates Mermade?

Alignment, answers, balance, communication, completion, creativity, dreaming, ease, energy, expansion, experience, formulae, freedom, happiness, intelligence, interest, knowledge, laughter, learning, magic, numbers, order, passion, positivity, process, results, reward, sharing, source, space, strength, synchronicity, time, travel, understanding.


— Functional Astrology: insights, interpretations, and studies.

What is The Trove?

Astrology, brainstorming, insights, interpretation, knowledge, materials, resources, sharing, tools, treasures, you.

Header Exhibition

— A Mermade Palette Study

Curious about Page Headers?

In 2012 Mermade produced a collection of “palette study” digital mermaid sketches. The March 20 – Spring Equinox – release of the website, features the collection. Enjoy! Occasionally, a new collection of artworks will replace the headers for a short exhibition.

Ascendant & Moon in Virgo

I am a “double duty” Virgo – both behind the scenes (12H) and on stage (1H).

My 3H Sagittarius Sun is in the process of becoming more actualized in my life, as my Virgo Rising and Virgo Moon, hold weight and run the show on this journey. I tune into Virgoan energies and expressions on the day to day, as a reflection of who I am by nature.

Virgo rising wants to help people, bring clarity, and clear the pathway. Virgo rising wants optimization and functionality. Building up healthy boundaries in that process is really important to me. A desire to help, provided there is the space to make magic. I am getting better at not inviting chaos into my life, but also listen to the opposing watery-emotional call (Pisces 7H double duty) that says it’s okay to relax and kick back sometimes. I’m learning that in reality, I can be my own pet project – which gives me a myriad of things to stay busy with.

I’m not a super neat freak – as most people envision Virgos, but I do have my quirks/qualms and there is a certain point when everything must halt, until a thorough clean has ensued. I absolutely operate more ‘highly’ when things are in order. But there is a challenge to get to that high place. When I am there I have to be careful not to seek out chaos or unneeded problems.

Virgo wants to take things apart. I over-analyze and intellectualize everything, in an effort to be prepared and avoid blunders at all costs. I pay the price for that right in my gut.

Grammar/spelling police and super self-critical, forever filtering.

Sun & Neptune in Sagittarius

Fun-fact, Winston Churchill is my “astro-twin”. We’re both born on Nov 30, with 29° Virgo rising and 29° Sag IC.

I’d say Sun (and my Sag Neptune) are definitely my communication team <3 I have to be careful when transits are augmenting this place, lately it’s been Mars, Saturn, and even Moon can have an impact.

I’ve never felt that I fit the Sagittarius mold. How very Sagittarius that is though?

Really though, my Sagittarius Sun and Neptune are worlds apart in the 3H. But still together in the same house, perhaps Neptune keeps me under an illusion with my Sag vibe.

Jupiter-Saturn & Pluto in Libra

I also have a very strong 1st House with Libra 1H Stellium, Jupiter + Saturn conjunct (rising) — along with Hecate Rising at 3° Libra! Then closing out the 1H with Pluto conjunct Lilith.

This entire year pretty much, Jupiter will be hovering over my natal Pluto – which just so happens to be where my SA Moon is presently.

Venus & Mercury-Uranus in Scorpio

My 2H also holds some interesting weight, with a Scorpio stellium: Venus and then Mercury-Urania-Uranus conjunct, in later degrees. I envision my Mercury and Uranus as a duo operative in their own little studio, coming up with ideas, plans, and effectively executing them ~ this keeps my Venus happy.

So by the time my Sun (square Virgo Moon) gets into the picture in the 3rd house it’s a bit tired out I’d say from the workings of house 1 & 2.

Mars in (Intercepted) Capricorn

I have an intercepted Capricorn in the 4H, with Sagittarus on the IC which makes for a bit of a muddled Sagittarius. Not as much “luck” as a full-fledged Sagittarius 4H I think, as I’ve had to really work hard my whole life to create the space and freedom that I absolutely need.

It’s taken years for me to mature into my 4h Mars in Capricorn. I was born too cramped and it took me a while to even realize that was what was wrong was the environment – a need for space to breathe, a need for space to create, a need for space to express who I am. It’s a daily process, balancing, and aligning. That drive though, to have space and freedom in my home-life, is what Sagittarius is all about.

In my adolescent and teen years, I could be identified more as a spunky Sagittarius. Into my twenties, and presently living my thirties, the focus is staying hinged. Planting feet firmly, getting rooted, to properly expand outward into full potential. I tend to resonate more to my Virgo Rising when it comes to physical, external, outward expression.