Astrotrove Cast 1/23/2017

The Astro-trove Cast of the week lends itself to the mental process of forming ideas surrounding how we can widen our connections, goals, plans, in relationships: intimacy, friends, family, and business partners alike. This can be a very positive and uplifting time, but just the same it’s easy to gloss over truths and realities that we want to avoid or escape. We are all in our heads, and we don’t necessarily need to get out – not just yet anyway. There is work to be done in here.

It’s [always] important to note intentions: the intentions toward this end, could be sparked from a personal-passionate, inner desire, possibly even some form of selfishness – which is alright. It’s important we integrate a level of selfishness, and mindfulness of our needs, so we are able to fulfill those needs, so they do not get neglected and turn negative, or destructive. We may have an inner urge to share, express, create, and embark on some newfound path.

Let’s get out our favorite gadgets, devices, journals, planners, notebooks, etc. and start letting the ideas flow. It’s time to empower the mind. Ask yourself pointed questions, and record your your disjointed/fragmented thoughts. Ask things such as: “How can I collaborate with this person, group, organization, company, community, city, state, country, the entire globe – in ways that bring accomplishment and change?” or “What new (simple) strategies, processes, or steps can I integrate, into my daily regimen, that provide a structure for maintaining this path?”

In any adventure, we are presented with obstacles and limitations, things out of our control – no doubt. In these situations,, we approach them practically, we remain gentle with ourselves, and then we adapt. This then becomes possible through our mind-preparation, and being properly equipped with these plans, so we fall softly from any disappointments or unexpected deviations, landing more soundly, gain the footing needed, to quickly adjust to new (and potentially more beautiful and rewarding) trajectories.

After all, this is exactly what we’re empowering our minds about right this very moment anyway, yes? Don’t we need that friction, that unexpected sudden bump, to throw us off track, in order for us to settle into the right space – to push us out of our comfort zone, to generate new perspective and new worlds, for what is right for this moment. Too much ease, and we grow stagnant. But not today, not this week. There is mental-power, individual determination, and the potential for willingness to transcend the physical changes that are on the horizon. This is who we are, and this is what we need right now.


This weeks Astro-trove cast driven by the current Cardinal T-Square: Jupiter in Libra 22° in opposition to Uranus in Aries 20°, both square Pluto in Capricorn 17°.