Astrotrove Cast 2/2/2017

If you follow mermade-trove on Instagram, you’ll have seen the post: Moon entered Taurus yesterday evening. She’s presently hovering around 9°, breaking away from sextile (60°) with dreamy, surreal Neptune. You’ll feel more real today as she moves in conversation with the Sun and Pluto.

There is this thinking and feeling about where Taurus is in the birth chart. For me personally, Taurus is on the cusp of my 8th house – which in short, speaks of the more intense areas of life (sex, death, debt, affairs, inheritances, etc.). La Luna en-route to my own personal natal Chiron at 14° (the “wounded shaman” so they say…), which also happens to trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn, and my natal Moon in Virgo. All of this “earth” is lighting me up – a Grand Earth Trine. I become conscious of my physical self: size, look, feel, everything and all of the elements which impact me on that level, as well as how my physical-self impacts the world around me. Gravity-weightiness, temperature, cleanliness, smells, tastes and so forth. The body is permeable, it absorbs everything. Earthiness brings that into focus.

What rules the physical body? The Sun, which happens to be squaring (hard angle) the Moon presently. Looking to the transiting Sun (in our own charts) today will help add nuance to this transiting Moon trine transiting Pluto in earth. Today the Sun is at 15° Aquarius – so we have this friction of air+earth or more practically, Mental+Physical. For me, Aquarius is on my 5th house cusp. The environment of the 5th house is about expression, creativity, and children – extensions of ourselves, just to name a few. 15° Aqua happens to conjunct with my natal South Node. This area is my comfort zone, and where I could get lost if I am not careful. However, on the up side, it could allow a sense of comfort settling into myself – physically, and through the workings of the mind. A Sun with an “airy” energy is probably the best situation for me personally, to get into that realm, as I tend to weigh on the mental side, and can neglect the physical. This scenario sets up a really interesting possibility to spice up my current narrative, allow that Taurus Moon to work and give focus to my body and all of the senses and to indulge, which in turn can stimulate the mind. At least for the next day and a half while the Moon pummels through Tauro :).

Where are the following degrees in your own birth chart?

Taurus 15°
Aqua 15°
Capricorn 18°