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aquarius transpersonal

Aquarius – “Us In Here” 2018

Tied-down, but spaced-out. Standing still but floating. Extra slowed but super sped-up. Sunken in, but protruding forward.

virgo moon release

Virgo Moon Release: Exact 18° Virgo 11:51 PM PST

Relax your head, your shoulders/neck, your heart, your solar plexus, and your root. Close your eyes, and suspend yourself in the abandon of attachment.

star children

Star Children – Astrocast Nov 25 – Dec 3

Star Children see so much this week. A Venus into Sagittarius, a Jupiter trine Neptune, a Mercury retrograde, and a Full Moon in Gemini.

mental emo clarity

Mental and Emotional Clarity – Nov 12-19 Astrocast

Mental emo clarity inclination, this week. The trick is directing physical strength to make the most of it, so we come out on top.


Saturn-Lilith Stranger Things: Nov 5-9 Weekly Astrocast

Saturn-Lilith or rather “Stranger Things”, is upon us. Authority meets rebellion. Exacting perfection. The realm of the Black Moon and space-time.

Happy Samhain

Nothing is forever. The end. Story’s over. Samhain.

nebulous solidity

Nebulous Solidity – Astro Cast Week of Oct 2

Nebulous Solidity. Drawn to float and drift. Yet, a sense of urgency and anxiousness brews.

deep blue

Deep Blue – It’s just “Us out there”: Full Moon in Pisces September 6

Deep Blue emotions and desires of ourselves and others. Full Moon of the collective unconsciousness. Disconnect to reconnect. It’s just us out there.

eclipse aftermath

Eclipse Aftermath – Actual Picture of you Post Eclipse

It might feel difficult to bring anything into tangible reality, today. Feeling indecisive even on what it is you actually want to do. That’s totally OK.

the luminaries

This Weekend is Illuminating – What’s Happening?

The luminaries in their 28 day cycle conjunction, for the New Moon. Other Moon aspects, best expressed by being flexible, open, and curious.

subtle adjustments

Subtle Adjustments – Friday July 14

Subtle Adjustments: Regardless of your “sign” (which by the way we are each ALL of the signs), This Friday – the Sun comes into quincunx with Saturn.

metamorphosis moon

Metamorphosis Moon – Full Moon in Capricorn July 8 at 9:07pm PST

Metamorphosis Moon, that’s what I call it. Moon dancing with Pluto, sends us into the realm of transformation. It’s inevitable and abrupt.


The Midpoint: Make Your Move – First Quarter Virgo Moon

We’re at the midpoint, between New Moon and Full Moon. The seemingly elusive space between intention and fulfillment. The moment in which we make our move.

Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon: You Are All I See May 10 2017 – Mermade Trove

Scorpio Full Moon and the Sun say to each other “you are all I see”. Inner vs. Outer world, with a keen awareness that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Retracing Venus – Emerging from the Shadow

Like déjà vu, we find our god of Love back at 4°57 of Aries, tomorrow morning at 6:25 AM PST.

Cronus Trine Ouranos

When Old Meets New – Cronus Trine Ouranos 2017

The steady energetic theme for this year: When old meets new, Cronus trine Ouranos. Maintenance and Progress. Stability and Instability. Harness it!

Cow Jumps Over the New Moon

The Cow Jumps Over the New Moon

Hey, diddle diddle! The Cow Jumps Over the New Moon tomorrow, Wednesday morning April 26th, at 5:16 AM PST! Set your intentions.

Gemini Mars Verbal Aggression

Gemini Mars April 21 @3:32 AM

As Moon squares Mars, we go from ‘grounded pleasure’ Toro Mars, to ‘mental flutter’ Gemini Mars. Venus softens this momentary tinge of emotional discord.

Venus Stations Direct

Venus Stations Direct April 15

Venus stations direct, today April 15, 2017. Give yourself space and time to make things beautiful.


Saturn Retrograde April 5 2017

Saturn is a slow burning, smoldering fire, in retrograde, from now through August 24th. You’ll be feeling this the loudest at 28-21° of Sagittarius.

The RPG Zodiac

An interesting take on the Zodiac houses as an RPG game.

“New Venus” – Inferior Conjunction Mar 25 2017

It’s the “New Venus”. Tomorrow 3/25, at 3:16am PST, Venus inferior conjunction with the Sun, the beginning of a new 8 year cycle.

Mermade Trove Soft Launch

Welcome to the website soft-launch! Still dusting things off, so keep checking back…

Grand Air Trine Inside Mystic Rectangle

My moon-sister messaged me this morning with a link to the ‘chart of the moment’, to share that a Mystic Rectangle was sitting on her natal Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Chiron…

Astrotrove Cast 2/2/2017

If you follow mermade-trove on Instagram, you’ll have seen the post: Moon entered Taurus yesterday evening. She’s presently hovering around 9°, breaking away from sextile (60°) with dreamy, surreal Neptune. You’ll feel more real today as she moves in conversation with the Sun and Pluto.

Astrotrove Cast 1/23/2017

The Astro-trove Cast of the week lends itself to the mental process of forming ideas surrounding how…

Astro Don’t Lie

Astrology doesn’t lie, because it can’t lie! Astrology is not foretelling it’s forecasting. It’s about conditions.

We are More than our Sun Sign

We are more than just our Sun sign. We are every sign. How often are we asked: “What’s your sign?”

360° of You

A 360° wheel of possibility: Energy, Environment, Expression, Exchange. Our birth chart.

Astro Equation

The formula: [astrology]=[x+you]

3 Planet Return

Jupiter conjunct Jupiter, Venus conjunct Venus, and Mars conjunct Mars, simultaneously.

Migraines at the Equinox

Mercury just shifted direct last night at about 10:22pm PST. Today is the Fall/September Equinox.

Virgo Vibe

I am a 12H/1H double duty Virgo. I am Virgo behind the scenes and on stage. I feel that this is a strong point in my chart, and even trumps my natal Sagittarius Sun, and partially because that Sun is -in- the house of communication which is naturally ruled by Gemini/Mercury – my chart ruler.

Lunar Eclipse Prep 03/23/2016

The eclipse is going to be lighting up my 1H, conjunct my Virgo Ascendant, and my Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 5° and 7° Libra, respectively. So this clearly puts the Sun and Mercury right on my descendant.

Immaterial 8H

I’m definitely not an 8th houser, but I seem to attract these types in my life.

Significant Uranus Events

Uranus can be a complete game-changer, whether you want it to or not. I went back over a period between 2009-2011 and jotted down some significant Uranus events in my own life.

Bowie Transits

I’ve been analyzing Bowie’s chart for the past week and all of his Uranian influence. Aqua ascendant, with ruler Uranus in the 4H Gemini (double duty) inconjunct his Sun and and Mars in his soul sector.

Mercury+Uranus Stimulation

Everything is so weird this week. Retro Mercury sextile natal Mercury/Uranus + Retro Jupiter (in my soul sector) also sextile natal Mercury/Uranus, square natal Neptune.

Social Orientation

I’m thinking about how I express social planets (because of sign orientation) in a personal way.

Urania Conjunct Mercury

I have (asteroid) Urania conjunct Mercury in my natal chart.

Origins and Elections: 10/11/2011 @10:06PM EST

Thinking of a more personal event to practice this on, and one in which I have the time stamp for accuracy.

Medical Astro

This is incredible. Looking to our own chart houses for illness and discovering where we may be lacking in an area of life that is causing the illness/dis-ease.

Tr. Moon conjunct Pluto.

Yesterday, Dreams. Intense. Art, expression … Dreams about dreams.

Simplicity is Beauty

Stripping back my birth chart to 1 degree orb.

My Personal 3H Vibe

My Scorpio ruled 3H – I get lost in thought a lot… its comforting though, I love being in my own mind/head-space/mental world.

Transiting: Venus, Mars, Jupiter conjunct Natal Moon

Do I want to spend the day researching, writing, taking notes, organizing myself mentally/digitally?

Tr. Venus sextile N. Venus

No time to sit and ponder the world away. Lots to do this morning.

Fragmented Self Scoping 09/29/2015

Sun, Mercury, True Node in Libra = air, balance, will, love, intelligence (relative to masculine/feminine energies), right values, perfect judgment.