Bowie Transits

I’ve been analyzing Bowie’s chart for the past week and all of his Uranian influence. Aqua ascendant, with ruler Uranus in the 4H Gemini (double duty) inconjunct his Sun and and Mars in his soul sector.

I realize, he has been enduring Uranus sextile his natal Uranus (for the past 18 months, direct, retrograde, direct), during the time he was battling cancer. Then, on Dec 5th Saturn moved into the 10 degree orb in opposition to his natal Uranus Within 10 degree orb.

I find this quote an interesting coincidence:

“After the opening night of Lazarus, Bowie had to sit down backstage with van Hove and Iman, exhausted after taking his bow. “I escorted him to his car and I somehow knew it was the last time I would see him.” – Ivo van Hove Dec 7 2015.