Ruled by Moon

Ruler of 4th House

Element Water

Modality Cardinal

Orientation Personal

Polarity Feminine

Expression of Cancer

The fourth sign of the Zodiac is Cancer, expressed as “we feel”. Cancer is depicted as a crab. You could think of the term “crabby” for starters, or “moody”, although that has a more negative connotation. On the flipside, cancers have an incredibly intuitive nature. They feel and are instinctual – almost psychic. Cancer is emotion: love, happiness, pain, sadness, comfort, discomfort, and so on.

Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house of home and family. Cancer is nurturing, caring, interested, and enveloped in the home life. Whatever environment where we have Cancer in our birth chart, there will be this expression of “home” and “family” there.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer. The Moon represents our internal needs, wants, desires – she is the feminine, the mother, and she rules emotions. She moves quickly around the earth and spends roughly 2.5 days in each sign. Each day we can look to the Moon for a little dose of Cancer and how that can be expressed in our own charts against our own natal planets – and obviously even more when the Moon is actually in Cancer.

Cancer is of the element “Water”. Water is deep feeling, emotional, and creative. Cancer people are not surface people. What you see on the surface is only a small tip of the iceberg of what lies beneath. It is important for Cancer to respect their sensitivities, and to own them. Cancer should be careful as to what they dwell on. Cancer should occasionally spring to the surface for air, and allow others to carry some of their weight, some of their depth. Cancer can have trouble expressing themselves verbally, but are usually very good at expressing in writing and or visually.

Cancer is of a “Cardinal” modality. Cancer wants to feel accomplished and they bring the emotional component to the leader. A cardinal Cancer provides unique insights and innovations to old worn out ideas. Cancer sensitivity can empathize with others and bring the component of outsiders into an internal goal. Cancer can be compassionate, receptive, and touching. Cancer inspires hope, growth and well-being.

Cancer is the 4th and last of the “Personal” orientation signs. Cancer says “me, me, me” – the child. A highly operating Cancer will be concerned with “me” – the child, for the sake of being a better “us” – the mother and child. The journey of Cancer is to learn about oneself, and the day to day things that are required to nurture, respond, receive and reflect upon. A lower operating cancer can be selfish in a destructive way and dishonestly project their emotions and feelings onto other people. Low Cancer can also sometimes take things out of context, and only read into part of the story, without taking everything else into consideration. Reflection is so important for Cancer, before reaction.

Cancer Consultation

Do Your Cancer

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  • Cancer Music Playlist – coming soon. Check out the ruler: Moon Playlist for now.
  • Crystals: Rainbow Moonstone, Rose Quartz
  • Aromatherapy: Lavender
  • Tarot: The Moon

Cancer Activities

Family gatherings, Interior Decor, Time with pets, Caring for Children, Nurturing foods (vitamins, supplements, nutrients).

Haute Cancer

Intuitive, Compassionate, Creative, Nurturing, Psychic, Caring, Receiving, Reflective, Inspiring, Innovative.

Low Cancer

Self-destructive, Attention-seeking, Needy, High Maintenance, Projecting, Closed-off, Guilt-ridden, Grudge, Blocked, Worried.