Ruled by Saturn

Ruler of 10th House

Element Air

Modality Cardinal

Orientation Universal

Polarity Feminine

Expression of Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, and is expressed as “to use”. Capricorn is practical, and wants to make use of forms, procedures, guidelines, tests, applications – resources.

Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house, the house of the Career and the Public Persona. Capricorn fills out your tax forms, your business licenses, and your resume. Capricorn was the student in your class that always turned in their homework, and assignments on time (and made the highest marks). Capricorn is the valedictorian of the Zodiac.

On the surface, Capricorn can seem sobering or restricted. This is because Capricorn is ruled by the time god – Saturn. Saturn is limiting energy, but toward conserving to follow through with original purpose. He is past, present and future, all in one – he sees all on the universal scale and he knows what is best for you even when seemingly unfavorable. Capricorn, in the likeness of Saturn, is that hesitation – that small voice that you hear, warning you. You want to heed Saturn. He tightens his grip and pulls you back into the space you should be in for the budget, for the timeline, and for the scope of whatever it is you are working on. Where Jupiter is expansion – Saturn is the complete opposite, contraction meaning that Capricorn is the realization that bills are inevitably due – and becomes the reminder to set up that online bill-pay you’ve been neglecting. Saturn is your savings account, and the chunk of money that gets put away in there for future emergencies or plans. Saturn is the reminder that the trash needs to be taken out, and Capricorn is the buying of the tools to take it out. When there are obstacles in the way, Capricorn is capable in finding practical, tried and true ways to overcome them, and move onward, in a better position than when you started.

Capricorn is of the element “Earth”. While fellow earth sign Taurus wants to indulge, or Virgo wants to plan, Capricorn is overcoming: scheduling to be on time, or lifestyle changes, such as new fitness and nutrition regimen to benefit health. And they seek out tools to make these things possible: applications, organizations, documentation, and guides. Capricorns scouts advantages of these resources to succeed – they aren’t users in the sense that they use people, but rather that they use materials for the purpose of conquering every challenge life throws their way.

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