conjunction aspect

A conjunction aspect is a major aspect. It occurs when a [planet + planet] or [planet + chart point (house cusp, angle, etc.)], or multiple planets/points, meet together in the same sign and the same degree. So they are separated by 0°.

Major aspects are typically considered forming/fading within a 10° radius, or “orb”, for planets and house cusps, and 1-2° for minor aspects and relating to asteroids and fixed stars. An aspect is “exact” when it is right on the exact aspect degree, or with a 0° radius, or orb.

Natal Chart

Conjunctions are considered in the natal chart, as a fixed position. An exchange between planets and points that plays out in the personality through our whole life.

Examples are:

n Mars conjunct n Uranus


Conjunctions are also considered in transits, the currently shifting planets around their orbits, and how they meet-up, or aspect/exchange mathematically with our natal planets.

Examples are:

tr Venus conjunct n Saturn

Condensation Harmonic of 1/1

The conjunction aspect is considered to be significant in that it is a merging of the two (or more) energies that are involved, meaning both become influential players in the scenario. The two (or more) energies blend. Conjunctions have the loudest harmonic. The lower the denominator, the louder or bigger the impact of the aspect. If we look at the denominator as 12, equal to 12 houses, a conjunction is a 1/1 harmonic.