À la carte

Individually priced consultations.

For individuals asking very specific questions, and looking for more targeted-type interpretations. Are you working through a specific certain energy? Are you struggling with a specific environment or area of your life? Take a look at the à la carte consultations the trove can offer. ~ The site release comes with two consultations planet & house, but if you do not see what you’re looking for, please email me with questions. New à la carte consults will be added very soon.


Packaged consultations.

Bundle consultations are for individuals looking for a more general interpretation, as a whole. This would include the mini consult – a more brief interpretation, covering the entire birth chart, and the full consult – a more in depth interpretation, covering the entire birth chart. More readings to come soon, including a free birth chart generated instantly on the site, and a $20 basic consult with pre-generated delineations by Mermade.

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