The Cow Jumps Over the New Moon

Hey, diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumps over the new moon.
The little human laughed to see such a sight,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

The mighty 6° Toro jumps over thew New Moon tomorrow, Wednesday morning April 26th, at 5:16 AM PST! It’s time for rebirth – and I say this sensitively, as I know things have been somewhat heavy, and rough lately.

The Dark Moon just moved into Taurus tonight at 6:56pm PST. A new Moon brings with it the beginning of a new cycle, so we can start fresh. Experience we create for ourselves is undoubtedly beautiful. This New Moon fuels an unwavering need for physical pleasures, gratification of the senses, and emotional satisfaction.

Set Intentions

Set intentions for yourself during this new Moon that bolster those Venus values, that lucid Luna illuminates within you. New Moon’s are perfect for ceremonies (big or small). Just be present, and gentle. Love yourself.

When we fully love ourselves, we are capable of not just loving others, but limitless magic. Venus as the ruler of Taurus, attracts greatness into your life, when you express her thoroughly. If you don’t know how to express your Venus, then set that intention.


Personally, I am focusing on health: both physical and mental well-being. I’ve been on this trajectory since the start of the new year, and each week I am making new strides toward optimal health. I’m looking at this homeopathically, in both nutrition and healthy supplements. This New Moon is a reminder of that for me. Taurus is a rough spot for me, and Moon will be crossing my Chiron tomorrow. There’s going to be a painful lesson for me in this, I just know it. Toxic elimination, while painful, creates life altering results.

Keep in mind Venus is still in her shadow zone, until May 17, but we get a little oomph from her move into into Aries on Friday, 4/28, when she Joins Mercury & Uranus in that Ram energy!

Cow Jumps Over the New Moon

One last thing to ponder, which of these characters in the nursery rhyme would be you?:

  • Diddle diddle? (collective)
  • The cat with the fiddle? (social)
  • The cow who jumped over the moon? (desire)
  • The little human who laughed? (karma)
  • The dish and the spoon? (darma)
Cow Jumps Over the New Moon
The Cow Jumps Over the New Moon by: Mermade