Deep Blue – It’s just “Us out there”: Full Moon in Pisces September 6

Into the Deep Blue

Full Moon in magical dreamy Pisces, on Wednesday September 6, exact at 12:03 am. Deep blue power is the feeling in the cosmos, Moon is moving into Pisces today at 10:28 pm PST. She’s coming home to conjunct Neptune ~ ruler of Pisces. Exact conjunction is Tomorrow, September 6 at 10:06 pm. Prepare yourself for bizarre, out of this world dreams Tuesday night. A supportive conversation with earthy Pluto whom Moon just passed not too long ago, there will be encouragement to dive deep, and break up old patterns ~ with curiosity.

The Feels

There’s an inclination to go overboard emotionally, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Full Moon’s are about fulfillment and ripening. Is this the moment where you feel driven to march to the tune of your own drum, with no judgment and no fears? I believe so. Listen to your dreams, your inner voice. Let that be your guide.

Keenly tuned in to the emotions and desires of others ~ for us ~ this Full Moon is about the collective consciousness (or unconsciousness). Let yourself disconnect, even if only for a small moment. You need this and the people around you need it. Because let’s face the (sur)reality. It’s just us out there.

Zone Out into the Deep Blue Cosmos

“Us out there”. Pisces Play List.

deep blue
Into the Deep Blue: “Us out there” By: Mermade