Eclipse Aftermath – Actual Picture of you Post Eclipse

Eclipse Aftermath

So that happened, now where did everyone go, lol – what is the eclipse aftermath?  We love the Sun and Moon when they are doing something that we can visibly see, but the cool part is they are still doing things even when we can’t necessarily see them. Moon is well past Leo for now, and spending the next two days in Scorpio. She’s in trine with dreamy Neptune today.

Creative OVER-download

It might feel difficult to really bring anything into a tangible reality, today. You might feel indecisive even on what it is you actually want to do. At the same time you are vulnerable to a steady download of creativity but have no clue where it downloaded, or how to file it. It appears to all be happening in your head. Moon abruptly into Scorpio takes some time to get a handle on. You may only be prepared to actually manifest this heavy file-packet once she’s Void and ready to move into Sag by Monday. And honestly – that is totally okay. We have moved 1 week from the New-Moon and are now in the Crescent-Moon.

The Crescent

The beautiful Crescent. I caught a beautiful moment outside my work window, of nothing but crescent shadows, wavering through the tree leaves, the moment the eclipse was exact last Monday. As soon as she was gone, the shadows went back to circles. For a brief moment, it was like being on some alien planet. I imagined if our sun was crescent shaped every day, how might that impact our lives and in what ways?

eclipse aftermath

In reality, the Moon is always in front of the Sun like this, creating a crescent, at some point in space-time. If I could I would get on a cosmic-craft and constantly ride that shadow. Forever in the Sun-Crescent.

Mercurial Sunshine

Mercury is revisiting the Sun. He’s retrograding into her and their energies now travel together. Mercury is my chart ruler and I have been in absolute love with his stay in Virgo for this entire month. Although usually Mercury retrograde feels like sludge, it’s been zipping by for me. I have spreadsheet all the things, and I feel on-top of the important things. I could use more sleep, but now doesn’t seem to be the time for that.

Expanding Contraction

What is expanding contraction? It’s when Jupiter and Saturn are working together. Jupiter gives Saturn much needed space and fortune to flesh things out. We are going to feel optimistic and somewhat playful about the structure of our lives. We’ll be happily practical, and looking for solutions toward building a solid framework. Optimism and structure are the key words here.

eclipse aftermath
Eclipse Aftermath By: Mermade