Gemini Mars April 21 @3:32 AM

We move from ‘grounded pleasure’ Toro Mars, into a ‘mental flutter’ Gemini Mars, but not without a momentary tinge of emotional discord from the (square) Moon (rising in Aquarius). While the discord won’t last long, he’s still going to need some extra special attention in this shift.

April 21 – June 3

We are leaving our cozy beds. Super-early, first thing in the morning, 3:32 am to be exact on Friday April 21st. We rub our eyes, and lean over to pull up our socks and tie our shoes. After breakfast and gently nudged off to school, we arrive. Our sleepy eyes dissipate, the room comes into focus. Our minds are filled with excitement to learn and to absorb. In complete awe and wonder of the knowledge potential, we begin to interact with the world. Mars makes his shift into Gemini, right in Gemini’s natural house – the 3rd house.

Sharing thoughts through our voice comes much easier, in ways that we have previously felt discomfort or blockages. Take this time to connect and communicate with yourself, and the world around you: friends, family (including pets!), clients, business partners and colleagues, alike. Be informational and resourceful in your exchanges. You’ll be surprised to find other people levelling with you, and open to wax intellectual. You’ll fact-check everything, and will conduct your own diligent research to confirm sources. Use this time to articulate your thoughts, clearly and fairly.

The Generative Force

Mars is known for aggression and war, but just as much, Mars is known for action, and challenge, he is a forward fighter. He generates! If you have felt stunted in your speech and in sharing what you want to say or do, Mars will be the catalyst for ease, and clarity in your efforts to get your point across, or to make something happen.

This is a time for healthy aggression, and breaking away from those who would normally dominate us, so that we may master the challenges thrown our way. Wherever Gemini Mars is operating in your birth chart, is where you will be able to manifest this energy.*

Like every planet, Mars can operate in two ways. Gemini Mars aggression expression can manifest through poor planning. Are your actions poorly thought out, where you go in enraged, and “half-cocked”? In this expression we ultimately trip over and stunt ourselves. We become our own demise (the Greek Mars). Alternatively,Gemini Mars aggression expression can manifest through principle, valor and with strength. Fertility toward with growth and with prosperity (the Roman Mars). It’s up to you, and how you wish to express; but do know, both options are equally available to you! You get out of Gemini Mars what you put into him.

*Read more in depth about The Astrology and Psychology of Aggression in Dynamics of the Unconscious By: Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas.

Blend your Gemini Mars

Generate time to meditate. Meditation with Gemini Mars may seem counter intuitive, but it isn’t. Meditation strengthens the mind and the body, we become in alignment with our thoughts and body. By allowing thoughts to flow through, and not hanging onto any one thought – just observing the world around us, and not interacting, we become better equipped to express our thoughts in everyday life. Our mind becomes stronger. Make time to researching, to write, to blog, and to Journal. Pent up thoughts provoke a low Gemini Mars. The more that we keep the thought flow going and allow a space to house our thoughts, feelings, desires, the more likely they are to settle and rest, so we can move on and take “action” to what is most productive in a healthy mindset – this is high Gemini Mars!

Gemini Mars has energy potential just waiting to be actualized, whether though culminating or just getting started on something. Through travelling, through image, or even simply by having that conversation that you’ve been needing to have but have been putting off. Healthy discussions and debates are a great way to express your Mars, especially in Gemini, because you are most inclined to surround yourself with the necessary information to back up your thoughts and claims. The discussions become more logical and less emotional.

Venus Sextile Mars

Gemini Mars has Venus (in Pisces) in league with him as he crosses into this sign. Venus in sextile to Mars, still in her shadow-zone through May 17, soften the rougher edges of Mars. Venus infuses Gemini Mars with a need for harmony, balance and beauty. In his generating and challenging energy, she touches him emotionally with her magical Piscean aura. This is a good introduction into Gemini, before Venus moves into Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, that would otherwise add a spark of fire to this transition. For now, we still have the soft splash of watery translucent influence. By the time Mars is nicely transitioned into Gemini at 5°, Venus will enter Aries on April 28 ~ adding some welcome oomph to this sextile.

Mars in the Houses – Snippet Interpretations

Gemini Mars in the 1st House

Use this time to get clear and verbal with yourself! Make it about who you are and about your image, your identity. Mars in this environment of your life will dissipate any confusion, and will support activation and emphasize the way you identify yourself. Mars will be the catalyst for movement in this area, providing confidence and clarity toward the true “you”.

Gemini Mars in the 2nd House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about what matters most to you. You’re a master of your trade, with Mars in the 2nd. Identifying your values, potential and your style for making money will come naturally to you. Take advantage of his stay here and find new ways and insights toward increasing your arsenal of tools, and honing your craft, your talent.

Gemini Mars in the 3rd House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about how you interact with the world. You’re suddenly happy to become integrated in the world around you. You are speaking up about various subjects, topics, passions, and you feel like you belong. You’re more concerned with being honest in your communication than pleasing those around you. In doing so, you’ll find that you please people more-so by being straight forward. You’ll become immersed, granting limitless possibilities, and uncovering knowledge to both absorb and give back to the world. Influx and Outflux.

Gemini Mars in the 4th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about your private life, your home life. You’ll have the strength and the wherewithal to eliminate anything that does not belong here, reworking your personal space to suit your well-being – for regeneration, and renewal. Zero room for toxicity in your space, you suddenly have no patience or tolerance for anything less than restorative energy in your private space.

Gemini Mars in the 5th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about your creative life, your hobbies, your involvement with your children. You’re diving into a new and exciting personal creative project, perhaps something artistic? Yes, you! No more muddling over whether or not to move forward, because you’ve already begun stocking up with the materials and tools that you need to follow through with your vision. Your children will come into the forefront of your thoughts, and if you don’t have kids, thoughts will surface surrounding children, or alternatively you will bring out your own “inner child”.

Gemini Mars in the 6th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about your daily routines, your mundane life: your job, your health, your pets. Start up a new refreshing routine, rearrange your home interior or exterior. At work, you’re ditching the old outdated spreadsheets and folder structures, and updating them to current more relevant organizational systems and data bases. With this energy, you’ll generate extra time for your furry family members. You’ll be getting new furniture for your pets to lounge on, new toys for you to interact with them, and them to play on their own, taking them for walks, teaching them tricks, and rewarding them with treats.

Gemini Mars in the 7th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about relationships: both personal and professional. You’ll be inclined to start conversations with friends, lovers, clients, and business partners, that you may not have felt ready to have prior to Mars in Gemini. Your typical fear of how these conversations might go, will be bolstered and fortified, and you’ll go into them bravely and compassionately. You’re thinking about the well-being of yourself and the other party (or parties) involved. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how they unfold.

Gemini Mars in the 8th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about spiritual and immaterial values, your addictions, and your dark secrets. You’ll find it easier to talk about “the unspeakable”, and you may meet a stranger who appears just for this short time to give you the space to let go of something you’ve been holding onto. The opportunity to discuss issues and get advice or help will be strong. Spiritual pursuits will have great power backing them, and you will surround yourself with like-minded people to help you further explore your interests.

Gemini Mars in the 9th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about higher-learning, long journey’s, a vacation, and “truth”. Reach out to your college or university about taking classes toward your higher education, toward your degree. Immerse yourself in a new culture by taking a long trip across the world for a week or two – soak up the new perspective, journal, and document your experience. Gemini Mars energy in your 9th house lends itself to philosophy, knowledge and travel, for more ease toward these pursuits.

Gemini Mars in the 10th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about your public persona, and how you want to be seen your career world. If you were unclear before about your public image, you will gain greater insights now. Mars just exiting Taurus gifted you with the tools you need to become visible to the world, in the way you want to be seen – did you work on your body at all the past couple months? Mars is at the top of your chart! You are cleaning up your social media “hygiene”, you’re getting more comfortable with writing what you mean, and you’re learning how to properly embed key terms, so that you can actually *be* seen. Communication and outward expression in the public-light are extremely heightened for you. Let yourself shine bright.

Gemini Mars in the 11th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about your social circles, your network, your groups and your community. You’ll want to organize your social media circles, your lists of contacts, your entire network. You’ll have a list for each category of people, from leads, to clients, to personal contacts. You’ll even feel good about potentially “Spring Cleaning” to these lists. You’ll make time for social events, parties, and gatherings, as they regenerate you now and give you inspiration toward your universal goals.

Gemini Mars in the 12th House

Use this time to get clear and verbal about your inner world, your soul, and your hidden talents or perhaps hidden enemies. You’ll not feel bad about taking some time to disconnect from chaotic world around you. You’ll dive inward and do the work on yourself – taking care of the inner sea. While you’re deep down, you’ll uncover secrets about your purpose, and why you’re here in this life. You’ll emerge, with a plan of action to benefit the greater-collective, and through your own hidden talents.

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Gemini Mars Verbal Aggression
Gemini Mars Verbal Aggression by: Mermade