Ruled by Mercury

Ruler of 3rd House

Element Air

Modality Mutable

Orientation Personal

Polarity Masculine

Expression of Gemini

Moving into the third sign of the Zodiac we align with the expression “to think”. Gemini is all about thoughts and ideas. Ideas we create uniquely, and sharing those ideas with other people – as well as our thinking styles. Gemini also likes to revisit ideas of others and communicates knowledge, facts, opinions, interest, disinterest, and so on.

Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of communication, travel, writing, journaling, documenting, and generally sharing/delivering what it is that is on our minds and by what means with which is chosen. Gemini is talking, messaging, emails, blogging – and for most Gemini’s, doing all of these things simultaneously. Gemini is the stranger in the line at the grocery store that starts chatting to you out of nowhere, to simply pass the time, and let energy flow while time seems to stand still. At the same time, they are talking to you, Gemini’s are text messaging, waiting on influx of responses from queries of emails/texts they just sent out, and even thinking about who they will encounter next after you have crossed paths.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini – the communication god. So when you think of a sign that is ruled by Mercury you can think of commerce and trade even (merchant or merchandise!), eloquence, and even a bit of trickery. Highly operating Gemini’s work extremely well in these kinds of environments because of the sheer amount of information that they have the capacity to contain and disperse. Gemini’s are the central hub for news, events and even inclined toward gossip. Gemini’s gossip is usually for the sake of sharing details (whether true or not), and not so much for an emotional response.

Gemini is of the element “Air”. While they can blow fast or slow, the air is typically fast moving, and they are ready to jump in and speed along (with their invisible wings) keeping up with the currents. It’s important for Gemini to slow down from time to time, to process everything that they absorb – mentally. Gemini can tap out easily, from central nervous system strain, and needs to keep healthy checks and balances when it comes to the influx and outflow of data.

Gemini is of a “Mutable” modality, or quadruplicity. Gemini is flexible, and shifts easily with the flow of the environment they are in. They simply retune their message to fit the environment. They can move with the change of current at the drop of a hat. Gemini is fast learning, and yearns for new outlets and platforms to work with. Gemini can pick up on new software and programs quickly, and sometimes even teach the teacher. Gemini will welcome change and a new opportunity or arena to spread their thoughts, their message.

Just like Aries and Taurus, Gemini is categorized as a “Personal orientation. Therefore, intentions are still coming from a personal place. Thoughts, ideas, plans, all of these things come from a core individual place. The Gemini does for the Gemini. While a Gemini may express these needs through “Social” or “Universal” Environments, depending on where this sign falls in your own birth chart, the intention always leads back to a personal gain/loss.

Gemini Consultation

Do Your Gemini

Gemini Activities

Meditating, Researching, Web Browsing, Communicating, Writing, Blogging, Journalism, Planning, Culminating, Travelling, Documenting, Expositions, Narrative, Texting, Messaging, Emailing, Phoning, Conversations, Discussions, Debates, Entrepreneur, Executive, Editor.

Haute Gemini

Informational, Clear, Confident, Articulate, Fair, Proactive, Connected, Abreast,

Low Gemini

Paranoid, Jealous, Nervous, Possessive, Muddled, Confused, Burned out.