The God of Luck

Rules Sagittarius (Pisces, Classically)

Exalted Cancer

Detriment Gemini, Virgo

Fall Capricorn


Jupiter Energy

Jupiter manifests as the archetype of “expansion” energy. With Jupiter we want to increase our capacity, enlarge, and think greater than ourselves. We want to expand in mind and body. Jupiter is “Guru” we want to both teach, and we want to learn, absorb. He is knowledge, philosophy, what is and what can come to be. Jupiter is perception, and possibility.

Planets in aspect (exchange) to Jupiter both in our natal chart and in transit, have an impact on our Jupiter energy. If we have Jupiter in the 8th house, expanding on the “immaterial” area of life will manifest. Your 8th house Jupiter wants to explore “the unspeakable”. If your 8th house Jupiter is in conjunction with Chiron, you may find that a large focus on healing helps energize your expansion toward 8th house topics like sex or death – or alternatively, if you are in a state of illness (physical, emotional, or mental), it may debilitate exploration and journey in this area. Jupiter reflects our style of learning and knowledge interests. Your 8th house Jupiter may want to get involved in some of the darker areas of life, whether as a supportive mentor to those who suffer or maybe you find yourself slipping “down the rabbit hole” of addiction. Transiting Jupiter will activate the house it’s visiting. If Jupiter crosses into your 4th house, your expansive focus will be directed toward your home and private life, lighting up your internal process, evaluating your experiences and how they can expand who you are. Whatever house it is, you will feel a greater sense of purpose, and an urge to know more.

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, associated with the 9th house – in the 9th we search for meaning and for purpose – both in mind and body. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer – this sign gives Jupiter strength and energy and its influence is considered to be of a good nature. When we consider meaning and purpose, the intuitive/inner-world expression of Cancer is in alignment with Jupiter. Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini – the sign opposite of the sign he rules (Sagittarius), and it is said to have a negative impact. Gemini can get too caught up in the details sometimes, and this can have a slowing effect on Jupiter. Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn – the sign opposite of its exaltation which can create problems and a lack of strength and power.  If Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn there is a more rigid and hesitant expression (contraction), that does not suit the taste of expansive Jupiter.

Jupiter Consultation

Jupiter Keywords

Expansiveness, Growth, Luck, Spontaneous, Boundless, Higher Learning/Thinking, Large, Purpose, Distance, Journeying, Absolute.

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