Ruled by Sun

Ruler of 5th House

Element Fire

Modality Fixed

Orientation Social

Polarity Masculine

Expression of Leo

The fifth sign of the Zodiac; Leo, is expressed “to will”. Leo takes the opportunity, the potential, and makes it happen. Leo follows through. Leo is a performer and loves to be center stage, the center of attention. Leo has a royal connotation, King of the Jungle – the Lion (or Lioness), rawr!

Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house, the house of creativity: we will our ideas to be tangible creations. It is also the house of miraculous creation, the house of children – we may have a childlike view of the environment of life where Leo resides in our birth charts. Hobbies are also another facet of the 5th house, and of Leo. Leo expression will always exist as an undertone to your natal 5th house in terms of environment.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo, so opposite of the previous sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon and internal emotions), Leo is about the external, outward, expression of creativity, and how we use our bodies to manifest things in our lives. Think music, art, handmade craft, acting, comedy, and our style toward those disciplines. Highly operating Leo is brilliant and bright, they shine in their appearance and their delivery. No one misses the sight of a Leo vibe sauntering through the room. People notice, and appreciate the kind of confidence that the Leo exudes. Low Leo’s can be vain, they can be misguided, narcissist, and callous. Popularity can go both ways; a Leo can use it to benefit others or to tear others down – even themselves. Generally speaking, Leo’s are inviting, warm and friendly – Leo just wants to connect.

Leo is of the “Fixed” modality. Leo is self-assured, and very difficult to sway. It’s best to try to work with Leo, using kindness and cooperation to meet in the middle where possible. Leo expression is useful in certain situations where you need to stand your ground, stand in your truth, and refuse to back down. You simply cannot walk all over a Leo, they won’t give you the opportunity!

Leo is the first sign of the “Social” orientation. Leo’s are extremely aware of their appearance and how they are viewed in Social circles. Their drives and interests have a social core purpose. Leo wants to be surrounded by groups of people, likeminded people, where they can both perform, share their personal creations and collaborate. Leo are also great salespeople. Leo loves to be complimented and to be flattered – which involves other people.

Leo Consultation

Do Your Leo

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  • Leo Music Playlist – coming soon, For now check out ruler: Sun Playlist!
  • Crystals: Black Onyx, Red Garnet
  • Aromatherapy: Garlic Oil
  • Tarot: The Sun

Leo Activities

Perform, Act, Sing, Model, Make Music, Public Speaking, Direct, Sales

Haute Leo

Confident, Bright, Charismatic, Debonair, Fierce, Suave, Shining, Royal.

Low Leo

Conceited, Narcissistic, Distrusting, Shady.