Ruled by Venus

Ruler of 7th House

Element Air

Modality Cardinal

Orientation Social

Polarity Masculine

Expression of Libra

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, and expressed as “to balance”. Libra is balance, beauty, and harmony. Libra is the curator, who picks out only the most exquisite pieces for the exhibition. Libra supplies only the finest wine and spirits – to provoke a mental depth of thought. Libra wants to go deep socially, but deep into the mind, with ample distance between the other entity.

Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house – of relationships. Libra is PR: public and private relations.  Libra is also justice, fairness, and equality. You could think of Libra as a mediator of sorts – or even a judge. Libra makes objective observation, and it can be driven by the need for others to recognize their greatness – or in some cases Libra already feels greatness and does not need that recognition.

Venus is the ruler of Libra. Unlike Taurus, Libra is of the element “air”, so the qualities of Venus are expressed in ways that are more mental and spiritual than they would be expressed through a Taurus. Not to say Taurus cannot be spiritual, but it’s more likely and more natural with Libra. Libra is simplicity, less is more. Libra must have beauty in their home and in their life. Low operating Libra’s can be extremely vain, and also very limited in who they will associate with, simply based on physical and surface beauty. Libra can also tend to be indecisive. The whole “balance” thing can become an obstacle when they are faced with multiple options. They can be extremely happy when others make those kinds of decisions for them, so the show can continue on. Highly operating Libra is very clear it wants. They appreciate beauty objectively and do not subjectively judge it toward the object but rather look at it in terms of the form, light, shape, and so forth. Libra can be pure, and altruistic – in outlooks toward social circles, and humanity in general.

Libra is of the “Cardinal” modality. Libra puts the “Le” in “Leader”. They are very self-assured, which puts confidence in people to follow. Since their expression is “others” not only because of their seventh house affinity, but also because they are of a “Social” orientation, they will typically lead with a focus in mind of what others want and what is best for them. Libra’s appoint the best ambassador’s similar to the way they would curate an exhibit. Only the cream of the crop, with similar interests and intentions.

Libra Consultation

Do Your Libra

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  • Libra Music Playlist – coming soon. For now listen to ruler: Venus Playlist!
  • Crystals: Ametrine, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
  • Aromatherapy: Frankincense
  • Tarot: Justice

Libra Activities

Attend Events/Mingle: Gala’s, Balls, Art shows, Museums, Wine tastings. Top dollar luxury decor, Minimalism, Fashion,

Haute Libra

Objective, Fair, Loving, Confident, Friendly, Thoughtful, Inventive, Balanced.

Low Libra

Self-righteous, Ego Driven, Superficial, Extreme (one end or the other: Pushy vs. Indecisive), Overly competitive, Detached, “Anal-retentive”.