Lunar Eclipse Prep 03/23/2016

My pocket astrologer ephemeris says the moon will be in 3° Libra at 5:01 am USA Pacific Time on the 23rd for the Lunar Eclipse and then she will go Void at 1:55pm PST on Thursday the 24th.

The eclipse is going to be lighting up my 1H, conjunct my Virgo Ascendant, and my Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 5° and 7° Libra, respectively. So this clearly puts the Sun and Mercury right on my descendant.

There’s a lot of internal work going on right now with the focus of my role (1H the self) in relationships (7H) – both personal and professional. What am I offering, what am I doing, what is the purpose, is there some benefit, should I be doing more, should I be doing less – is there balance? As well, a lot of self-transformation even if only internally right now.

For me the moon in Libra typically brings ‘think-good’ vibe mentally. So maybe it will put a positive curl on the eclipse and these major focuses in my life.
Mercury’s involvement may enhance my understanding – and surely will be felt (chart ruler), as he and the sun will be trine my Natal Sun in 3H Sagittarius. Really exciting energies ramping up for this – I feel ready.