The God of War

Rules Aries

Exalted Capricorn

Detriment Libra, Taurus

Fall Cancer


Mars Energy

Mars is associated with the archetypal energy of “war”. Mars declares and takes action. Action is a hugely symbolic word for Mars. With Mars we want to conquer and so we aggress and agitate, to reach our goal and claim what we feel is rightfully ours. On the upside, Mars energy is great for being able to get things done. If we’re under a tight deadline, Mars can give us the energy to follow through and complete, that otherwise may have been more challenging to find. On the downside, Mars can invite irritation in areas that need to be worked through. While we may have no problem saying what it is that we want to say, or doing what it is that we want to do with Mars presence, we have to be careful that we don’t later regret what it is we said or did.


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Mars Consultation

Mars Keywords

Action, Aggression, War, Masculine, Fighter, Challenger, Warrior, Gladiator, Forward.

Do Your Mars