Mental and Emotional Clarity – Nov 12-19 Astrocast

Mental Emo Clarity

Much inclination toward mental clarity this week. It start’s off mental, and then moves into emotional. The trick is using the strength from the physical body to make the most of it. How can you best channel the energy of the moment, to come out on top?

Sunday Nov 12

Come clean with yourself, and dare to dream. Get lost in thought for a while, then circle back to reality to summarize where your thoughts took you. Step up proudly to the challenges that life presents to you. Watch your footing, and stay prepared. In the end you’ll maintain your bearings during a quake.

Sunday Transits

  • Moon square Mercury 1:31 am
  • Moon opposition Neptune 5:24 am
  • Moon trine Pluto 4:04 pm
  • Moon sextile Sun 10:55 pm

Monday Nov 13

Ease into the day – calculate. It’s really beautiful, this life we experience. Behold it and take deep cleansing breaths. Carefully think about each step, before you take it. Strange communication, odd behaviors. Listen, take note, be slow to react.

Monday Transits

  • Moon v/c 7:45 am
  • Moon into Libra 3:26pm
  • Venus conjunct Jupiter 12:15 am
  • Moon square Saturn 7:15 am
  • Mercury square Neptune 2:49 pm

Tuesday Nov 14

Lovely communication this morning with everyone. Curiosity, interest, and exploration. Sudden heavy heat, intensity at sunset. Bursts of energy – just waiting to be expressed. Make it healthy – make it wholesome.

Tuesday Transits

  • Moon in Libra – all day
  • Moon sextile Mercury 3:37 pm
  • Moon conjunct Mars 7:09 pm

Wednesday Nov 15

Slower energy and movements this morning, maybe even a drag or possible fears and worries. Look to where the root of this fear/worry manifests. We can see into the deeper side of ourselves, where we wouldn’t usually have access to answers and ideas. Striking exchanges, creativity, electricity this afternoon. Grasp it, Channel it. Time may stand still for a moment this evening – true sight and clairvoyance at extreme heights.

Wednesday Transits

  • Moon v/c in Libra 4:50 pm
  • Moon square Pluto 12:12 am
  • Moon opposition Uranus 3:36 pm
  • Moon sextile Saturn 4:50 pm

Thursday Nov 16

Feelings drenched, we arise soaked in emotion. Love and dreaminess are within reach. Sway toward acceptance, be open to receiving this beautiful energy. Amplified by late afternoon – happiness, luck, and innovation. Guide people and be guided. Take a notebook to your bedside, dreams will be vivid and wild – and you will want to write this down when you wake.

Thursday Transits

  • Moon into Scorpio 12:19 am
  • Venus trine Neptune 7:21 am
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:02 pm
  • Moon trine Neptune 10:34 pm

Friday Nov 17

Continuation of yesterday’s emotions bleed into Friday. Heavier love and a desire to be loved, to be desired. A beautiful day to pamper yourself. Haircut, nails, new clothes. Spa treatment, massage, sauna, hot ritual bath. Tell someone special how you truly feel, be open to receive other’s thoughts, feeling, complements. We want something new, different, we want change. It will fuel the inner warmth.

Friday Transits

  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon conjunct Venus 12:17 am
  • Mercury sextile Mars 6:25 am
  • Moon sextile Pluto 10:15 am

Saturday Nov 18

New Moon – new beginnings! Set intentions, wherever late Scorpio/early Sagittarius is in your birth chart ~ make that be the focus. If you don’t know where that is, please comment with your birth details, for my interpretation. Early afternoon – the sky is the limits when Moon hits Sagittarius with Cupids arrow.

Saturday Transits

  • Moon v/c 3:42 am
  • New Moon exact 26° Scorpio 3:42 am (Moon conjunct Sun)
  • Moon into Sagittarius 11:59 am

Sunday Nov 19

Serious tones today, a time for reflection and steady footing. Remember the Moon is still dark, but Sagittarius will keep wits about us. Pluto square Mars is tension, frustration, irritation, war, darkeness – has us feel targeted. Go for a walk, a run, jump up and down, dance, clean house… go outside and scream if you need to. Unexpected support from Mars, reminding us that: what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

Sunday Transits

  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • Mars square Pluto 4:11 am
  • Moon square Neptune 9:52 am
  • Moon sextile Mars 10:55 pm

*All times are PST

mental emo clarity
Astrocast, Nov 12-19: Mental Emotional Clarity By: Mermade