The God of Communication

Rules Gemini, Virgo

Exalted Virgo

Detriment Sagittarius, Pisces

Fall Pisces


Mercury Energy

Mercury is the “messenger”, where we are energized by our mind and our intellect. Mental function is expressed via written, verbal, and media outlets. Mercury carries the archetype of communication. He resonates with our desire to interact with the world. With Mercury we discover our surroundings and we want to interpret the things we see, with all of our senses. Mercury has a distributing classification, he processes the inflow and then turns around and shares it (outflow).

Planets in aspect (exchange) to Mercury both in our natal chart and in transit, have an impact on how we express Mercury. If we have Mercury in the 2nd house, communication will be extremely important to us. If your 2nd house Mercury is conjunct Uranus, you may have a unique communication style. Mercury tells how we communicate, where we best communicate or how our communication might be stifled. Transiting Mercury is going to activate the house it’s visiting. If Mercury crosses into your 9th house, you may start getting verbal about connecting to something bigger, an interest in travel, or what it is that you like or do not like about this environment of your life. Whatever house it is, you will feel it in your mind and brewing in your throat to speak and share.

Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, associated with the 3rd house – in the 3rd house we start to take things apart recognizing that we are “separate” from the “whole”. Mercury also rules the sign of Virgo, associated with the 6th house – here we put things together, it’s our mundane – the daily routine, our 9-5 day jobs, the food we eat, the fitness regimens we commit to (or don’t commit to), and the healthcare we adhere to. Mercury is exalted in Virgo – this sign, having a similar nature to Gemini (thought and analytics) give Mercury strength and energy and its influence is considered to be of a good nature. Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces – the sign opposite of the sign(s) he rules (Gemini, Virgo), and it is said to have a negative impact. Mercury is in fall in Pisces as well – the sign opposite of its exaltation which can create problems and a lack of strength and power.  If Mercury is in the sign of Pisces, there might be an element of mysticism and lack-of-order to the style and delivery of your message. The challenge lies in communicating in a way that others readily understand.

Mercury retrograde has become a hot topic of discussion in society, and even by people who aren’t necessarily followers, students or interested in astrology. Mercury retrograde is when the rotation of Mercury around the Sun aligns in such a way that it “appears” to be going backwards. Mercury Rx happens 3 times per year. It’s beneficial to get prepared for the Mercury retrograde dates for the year or years ahead, to prepare for this slow-churning energy. It’s encouraged to use Mercury retrograde as a time for planning, observation and reflection. Buying electronics, or starting new contracts is not recommended, due to problems that might surface later on down the road – something could be missed, communication could be sloppy or incomplete. Only if something is absolutely necessary in those areas, should one follow through.

Recommended: this quick lesson by Kim Falconer of Good Vibe Astrology: Retrograde planets, Mercury and beyond. As well, here is a reference to the Retrograde Motion chart used in the lesson. You’ll notice as Mercury has a much faster orbit around the Sun, we more often have Mercury retrograde than any other retrograde planet.

Mercury Consultation

Mercury Keywords

Communication, Mind, Intellect, Thought, Organization, Categorization, Classification, Interaction, Sharing, Delivering, Commerce, Business, Verbalizing, Writing, Media, Messages.

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