Mermade Trove Soft Launch

Welcome to the Mermade Trove soft launch! This website has been hidden behind the scenes for nearly a year now, while the content becomes actualized. I call this a soft launch because the hard deadline for release was the Spring Equinox 2017, and that day, my friends – is today. Happy Spring Equinox, and Sun into Aries – such power.

The Sagittarius Moon over the weekend -in my 3rd house was very kind to me – allowing for the energy to furiously write content and create its associated artworks, and from dawn until dusk for the past 48 hours. I am still not finished, but over the next couple days will flesh out the rest of the writing material. If you see any broken links, please check back in a couple days, as I iron everything out.

I still have my very detailed Virgo Rising/Virgo Moon to-do list for late Summer/Fall release updates, but that will be further down the road. For now, immerse yourselves, have fun exploring and please feel free to comment and start discussions. I will be floating around often to give thoughts and listen to feedback, questions, ideas, and just general conversation. If you’re looking for some insights, book a consultation!

I must flutter away, as I still have many little details to tend to and fix up. I will leave you with this quote from Rick Levine – who I happen to be attending his seminar this Sunday Mar 26 at the Sacremento area NCGR: 12 practical Steps to Better Chart Readings.

“Chances are, If you don’t believe in astrology, then I don’t believe in the astrology that you don’t believe in.” – Rick Levine in, Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History.