Metamorphosis Moon – Full Moon in Capricorn July 8 at 9:07pm PST

Metamorphosis Moon

Metamorphosis Moon, that’s what I call it. Moon dancing with Pluto, sends us into the realm of transformation. It’s inevitable and abrupt. You are suddenly in one place, and the next moment you are in another. You didn’t ask for this, and neither did I. There’s no sense in resisting it though, otherwise finding yourself sopping wet in a pool if disappointment and regrets. You can’t fight with Pluto, and you certainly can’t fight with your inner desires. At least not this weekend.

So, give yourself freedom and space to spread your “wings” and evolve into a lighter and brighter version of yourself. There may be pain. Likewise, there may be pleasure. But, this is okay.

Moon Opposite Mars

You’re going to feel tension between your emotional world and the physical urge to be, and to make things happen. Some might say, be cautious. I say – express this! Use this energy to your advantage. Friction, tension is where the magic happens. Let it flow and see how it unfolds.

Moon Sextile Neptune

We’ve got Neptune, pretty much who does whatever he wants, and is not restricted by any planetary force – in cooperation with the Moon. We can tie our dreams, and our otherworldly notions into the Mars friction. This is an exciting full Moon weekend. Play with it!

Where is Moon-Pluto operating in your chart?

metamorphosis moon
Metamorphosis Moon By: Mermade