The Midpoint: Make Your Move – First Quarter Virgo Moon

We’re at the midpoint, between New Moon and Full Moon. The seemingly elusive space between intention and fulfillment. The moment in which we make our move.

The Midpoint

First quarter Virgo Moon, tomorrow on the first of June, exact 5:42 AM PST. More than obviously the midpoint. Not just of the Moon phase, but of the entire Twenty Seventeen. Dig in your heels. Breathe in your second wind. Push on to destination.

Make your Move

Your quest unlocked on the New Moon in Gemini May 25, is now time to take action. Likewise, the thing you had your sights on at the New Year. What resolutions did you declare? This is where our desires are made manifest.

Saturn in Sagittarius has a vulnerable Mars in Gemini on his knees right now, in his opposition. The outer planets, help us to bend the inner planets to their higher purpose. Mars is no exception. The mutable modality of these two signs make for flexibility, for negotiations. We possess great leverage in higher-self decision making, rather than ego.

Just as well, earthy Virgo Moon brings us in touch with our physical needs, health, cleanliness, clarity, and toward a higher minded purpose. Something to say? Say it. Something to organize? Organize it. Something to restructure? Restructure it. Inner Virgo desire is powered up, and is where you can reach down and find your strength.

Bonus Aspects

As a bonus, Neptune in his sign of Pisces, in opposition to the Virgo Moon will make today feel surrealistically real. Question your circumstances, and question anyone that stops you from making your move. Even if it seems illusory. This Moon-Neptune day is a critical moment in your life. Just the right amount of jolt to remind you to pinch yourself. Reality check.

Ultimately, earthy Capricorn Pluto, closes out the day in equilibrium to the Earthy Moon. Do something out of the ordinary and spontaneous tomorrow evening. Seal the move you make, toward this cycle’s intention and purpose.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Jun 9

Looking ahead, the Full Moon in Sagittarius next week is sweet. Why? because Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius stations direct within an hour of the exact Full Moon on June 9. A little glimpse of the taste of it.

But for now, what will your move be?

The Midpoint – 1st Quarter Virgo Moon By: Mermade