Migraines at the Equinox

Mercury just shifted direct last night at about 10:22pm PST. Today is the Fall/September Equinox. I was thrown from my sleep at about 5am with an excruciating migraine that went on for about 8 hours. 3 hours into the migraine I decided to take migraine pills plus Tylenol, and sleep for about 2 hours. It finally started to subside.

I can’t help but think that maybe the energetic shift of Mercury and into the fall equinox had something to do with it. For the past week I’ve just felt stuck, stagnating, blocked, unable to move and it’s been really frustrating me. I think I’ve also been thinking too much. There’s just so much brain activity going on and it makes sense it would eventually manifest into some sort of physical pain.

Anyway, Happy Sun into 0° Libra day.