My Personal 3H Vibe

My Scorpio ruled 3H – I get lost in thought a lot… its comforting though, I love being in my own mind/head-space/mental world. I sometimes tune out conversations, unknowingly, going on in my presence, and don’t hear anything. I’ve found at times I will be deep in thought and find it rude for someone to just start talking to me out loud. As if to say, “I was totally thinking/talking to myself internally and you just burst in!”. It’s like the outer verbal world intrudes upon my quiet thought ‘house’. With Sun & Neptune in Sagittarius, opposite Gemini in the 9H, there is definitely some tension in the communication arena. I’m feel like a full bloated thought bubble internally (Scorpio House), waiting to burst out (Sagittarius) – but there is some blockage (Gemini Opp).

My communicate strengths lie in the virtual realms – in folder structure, documents, spreadsheets, texts – as well as visually [art] for expression purposes . With text I can backspace/delete, edit and study before clicking “send” or just throwing in the trash. Which is good because I can tend to be long winded… then I have to go through and ‘cut out the fat’, edit down. Likewise, with art expression, I can direct my brush, image, layer, object, to the flow/language of my choice … erase/overlap where necessary, and keep going – or trash. I don’t have to articulate these things verbally. I am very critical (internally) to how I express, speak or communicate in general.

Communicating verbally takes a lot more effort/energy. I rehearse my vocal conversations over and over before they happen (intensely). Re: Family/Friends it’s a little easier, I have a sort of internal filter, and I know how to respond to people for the best result, least amount of tension (despite what I might actually be thinking). Scorpio creates a mental deepness (that I find hard for people to level with me on), Sag keeps what actually comes out lighthearted. Re: Career/Job I have to plan, prepare for meetings. I have my physical notepad/pen, my virtual notepad, my Devices (phone/tablet), my check-lists, my spreadsheets, my schedules – everything is up and within quick reach during work meetings. I want to be on top of everything. But dear god the effort and energy put into a 30 minute phone call meeting and vs. the monumental amount of energy that is drained from my being having endured it. I’d much rather sort things out via email/text message!

My partner has a Libra ruled 3H w/Mercury, Sun, & Pluto in Libra & Saturn in Scorpio (opposition to Aries)! Both of our Suns are in our own personal 3H. It’s a breath of fresh air communicating with him. He brings out my communicative strengths. We ‘get’ each other, on all sorts of levels – life, humor, future, past, issues. We also work together professionally, he is a programmer/developer (Language!) and I am a project manager. Alternatively, the things we don’t get each other on – it’s easy to converse why “this” or “that”. He definitely supports/collaborates with me in all types of communication efforts, whether work, day to day, or creative projects. If I am stuck creatively, I share my rough vision, then he shares his insights – and it helps bring to the surface my more clear vision, so I can put it into play/practice.