Grand Air Trine Inside Mystic Rectangle

My moon-sister messaged me this morning with a link to the ‘chart of the moment’, to share that a Mystic Rectangle was sitting on her natal Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Chiron – that in itself is quite meaningful. The chart loaded, and behold – it’s a gorgeous Mystic Rectangle with a Grand Air Trine smack in the center!

These are the kinds of things that get me so excited. Chart patterns, and connections, and interesting intersections and so forth – and in simple daily moments. Since there aren’t many people in my immediate life that can geek out over chart patterns with me, it gets its own blog passage. This is such a beautiful, harmonious, and complementary coincidence; and all due to the wonderful Moon and its momentary placement.

Gemini-Moon creates the Grand Air Trine, with Aqua-Sun, and Libra-Jupiter.

Grand Air Trine, 02 06 2017, Aqua-Sun, Gem-Moon, Lib-Jupiter. By: Mermade.

Gemini-Moon creates the Mystic Rectangle, with Libra-Jupiter, Sagittarius-Saturn, and Aries-Uranus.

Mystic Rectangle 02 06 2017, Aries-Uranus, Sagi-Saturn, Gem-Moon, Lib-Jupiter. By: Mermade.

All of these planets are in a harmonious conversation, 5 trines and 4 sextiles. I haven’t connected the dots outside of the two major patterns, but if you do the math, you’ll also notice, there a Uranus-Sun sextile, and a Sun-Saturn sextile.

There is so much going on here, but I am going to break down these conversations just briefly and give my interpretation of how they might be going.

Mystic Rectangle (2x Trines + 2x Sextiles) & Grand Air Trine (3 connecting Trines in the same element of Air). By. Mermade.

We have a whole lot of Sun and a whole lot of Moon:

Sun-Moon-Jupiter – We have the body and its associated feelings, amplified in a mental element. The mind suddenly realizes there are no bounds on what is possible, and while we may not be aware of all that we do not know is possible, we are OK with walking around blindfolded, waiting to unveil and to behold. We could be incredibly productive merging the dichotomy of physical-mental, or we could get absolutely nothing done, musing on the options in front of us. It won’t matter though because this is an incredible feel-good conversation. The Aqua-Sun says to the Moon – “Tell me how you feel, I will listen, and I will contemplate, I will visualize ways of how this can be manifested in tangible terms.” He’s definitely saying this from a distance, as he needs the space to digest and absorb. The Gem-Moon responds to the Sun, “I would absolutely love to talk to you right now, how did you know? Thank you so much for inviting me in! I have so much to say, where do I begin? I don’t usually feel this open or chatty but we are just the right space apart, but together enough for me to be vulnerable enough to share”. Libra-Jupiter is providing the space and platform, the balance, beauty, and openness for this conversation, so this relationship can flourish.

Aries-Uranus says we can no longer stand idly by, hoping that we understand one another, when we truly don’t. The only way to know one another is to listen. It may be different and a change of pace, but it’s on these kind of frontiers where magic happen, and new worlds are built. He says think about the future, write a creative and futuristic blog entry, connecting the dots with the energies – make it electrifying.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius-Saturn is on a universal level these days. He is a reminder to Libra-Jupiter that while expansion is good, a certain level of boundary is necessary in order to meet some end. Saturn reminds Aries-Uranus that while it’s wonderful to dive deep and go to the farthest reaches of the observable universe, that there is a target completion in there somewhere, a goal, the purpose of our conversation, he is the dose of reality that reminds us that what we have is so precious, because it is so momentary, so brief but so epic. Saturn is the voice of reason, he says, “I know you want to research this, and test that, and experiment with this, but don’t forget that when you do that, there’s a potential to slip through the cracks and get lost. He says, be structured with your time, and with purpose.

He cautions us, and makes sure that we don’t forget to stay grounded and guided, during these beautiful moments of ease and pleasure that allow us to get so swept up in our minds, in our craft, and in our creativity. He helps us ease back into our seats and focus on the task at hand and also find the pleasure in the journey itself. Saturn says appreciate the now and be in the moment, even while you dream of all the possibilities on the horizon.

Last but not least, and coming full circle with where I started this passage – we should always look to our own birth charts, with charts of the moment. Find where these planets are in your chart on the day to day and analyze yourself, or book a consultation with Mermade-Trove, to learn more about what is going on for you this week.