“New Venus” – Inferior Conjunction Mar 25 2017

As most of us know, Venus stationed retrograde on March 4th, nearly 3 weeks ago. Tomorrow, March 25, at 3:16am PST, she will exact conjunct the Sun in what as known as an “inferior conjunction” in her synodic cycle. This is when Venus is the closest she can possibly get to the Sun.

There is a lot of great information on the internet about Venus Synodic Cycles, and I’ll list some resources at the bottom of this post. To summarize: Venus cycles’ around the Sun creates the well known 5-pointed-star formation during her orbit. For Venus to make her full ‘clock’ around those points , it takes 8 years. During the inferior conjunction we can look back on our lives and what was happening 8 years ago, when Venus was transiting the same area of the zodiac making the same inferior conjunction. For me: Venus’ “disappearance” is symbolic, for me personally, of what Venus “hides” from me. What will keep my Venus happy so that she invites abundance in my 2nd house?

To be honest, It’s a little hard to look back 8 years ago to 2009 – Because it was an extremely transitional time for me. I made a huge change in my life, probably one of the hardest decisions in my life (up until that point anyway). The ending of a 6 year relationship, a death in the family, relocating to another country… so many things happened that were the catalyst toward who I have become today.

These 8 year cycles play out similarly to the cycle of the Moon, begining in a New Moon, set intentions, make plans as it’s essentially a “rebirth”. The phases commence, Nurture, Action, Development, toward reaching the Full phase where we are ripe and we are fulfilled. Onward into, Disseminating, where we reap and share. Last quarter, where we release, toward Balsamic where we contemplate and reseed. For the past several days, Venus has been in the Rest and Observe Dark phase (like we would call a Dark Moon) – she is still hidden behind the sun, in the depths of our subconsciousness.  What are we learning in there? What will we bring out with us when we re-emerge to the surface? Tomorrow she will be “new” again, and it is a time toward making new plans and setting intentions for the next 8 year cycle, that starts over on 3/23/2025. Now looking forward to 2025 – 8 years ahead, is a lot to absorb. In 2009 I was 28, in 2025 I’ll be 44. So, crazy to be situated in the center of those two ages, they seem like lifetimes apart, but in reality, they are so close together. I’ve grown so much since 2009, and have begun to more and more embody my life’s purpose. I hope that by the age of 44 I am well equipped to deal with what comes at me, and even further along in my purpose.

I am contemplating my own Venus core values. I have been trying to “do” my Venus Retrograde by re-evaluating what is important to me. What are my expectations surrounding Venus: material world and the people in it? My plans for this next 8 year cycle are being written. I intend to take this next 8 years to really drill down to what my Venus wants – what keeps her fulfilled, sustained and happy. Venus is in my 2nd house, in the sign of Scorpio. Venus happens to rule the natural 2nd house. My natal Venus is ⚹ Mars, ⚺ Saturn-Jupiter, ⚺ Sun, and in ☍ to Chiron. I have difficulty just seeing Venus as standalone, when there are all of these layers of house cusp sign, planet sign, planet aspects and even natural ruler as a hidden layering. Does Venus get buried beneath all of that, or is that just a part of what she wants. I am learning that if Venus is happy – she will attract everything to my material hearts desire to the 2H.

Mermade’s birth chart, highlighting the Venus inferior conjunction and how it aspects natal planets. By: Mermade.

This inferior conjunction of Venus ☌ Sun will fall right on my descendant, that is in Pisces in my natal chart. This position happens to be quincunx my natal Venus. Richard Idemon describes a quincunx as a “paradox” – in his book Through the Looking Glass. It’s the kind of stressful energy that we experience, that in turn has the potential to create a result toward the very problem that you experience. So while I feel friction and frustration here, I know there is something to be gained and learned from this. My natal 7th house of “others” is in the sign of Pisces in my natal chart ~ water element, ruled by Neptune. Neptune is in Pisces right now and draws attention to both my 6th and 7th houses. Interestingly, Venus naturally rules the 7th house under the sign of Libra – where transiting Venus is polarized toward, looking dead at Jupiter-Saturn in opposition. She is trine my natal Sun, and square my Natal Mars. Super-significant for me since these aspects to which tr. Venus touches, speak to my natal Venus in alternate aspects than the direct tr. Venus to n. Venus. Venus inferior conjunction IN the house of the “Not-Self” is huge for me.

I’ll be studying and “experiencing” what unfolds, in the meantime how will you “do” your Venus?



I wanted to add photos of  My star altar ceremony for the Venus inferior conjunction (3am tomorrow morning). “New Venus” 🌘= reflection over the past 8 years and setting intentions for the next 8. 🌟 I drew the “Sun” to honor this moment: energy, breakthroughs, self-worth/belief… The Hero. ☀️ Doing my Venus, keeping her happy, to attract wealth both material and immaterial.

Love + Flora + Palo Santo + Tarot
5 pointed Star Altar Ceremony <3
The Sun = The Hero









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