When Old Meets New – Cronus Trine Ouranos 2017

By and large, underlying the daily shifts of the Sun, Moon, and inner planets, there is a steady [but unsteady] energetic theme for this year: When old meets new. Cronus trine Ouranos.

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, exact on:

May 19 2017 – 26° Aries/Sagittarius
November 11 2017 – 26° Aries/Sagittarius

In the Gods of Change, Howard Sasportas says that with Saturn & Uranus there is an “ultimate dilemma”. What he means is,  Saturn: the tried and true, the established structure, maintenance vs. Uranus: the ideal, the unknown, the unraveling of structure and form – progress.

Safe to say, we’re all pretty good at identifying what to avoid, energetically. We know what we shouldn’t do, places we shouldn’t go, and things we shouldn’t say or get involved in. Essentially, we are drilled to suppress. At this point, I want to highlight what positive forces are within reach this year. When times are tough, whether through a short-term or long-term transit, we have a powerful duo at our disposal. Moreover, this isn’t a hard aspect, it’s a harmonious one! So how do we express it?

In Mythology & Astrology

Presumably, Earth gives birth to Ouranos. He becomes the god of air, ideals, of thoughts and dreams. He represents everything unconventional, and otherworldly, within us. Despite being her son, Ouranos becomes Earth’s lover. Every night, he descends to lie with Earth. While they have many children together (including the Titans, the Cyclops, and the Hecatoncheires), he is disappointed with them. They simply do not live up to his expectations. In his disappointment, he forces his offspring back up into Earth’s womb. Likewise, in astrology, “Uranus vision” rarely aligns with reality. Something that perhaps we all can relate to, with regards to our own harsh criticisms on personal creativity?

Meanwhile, the youngest of the Titan offspring, Cronus, (Saturn) colludes with Earth. On the fall of night, upon his descent unto Earth, Cronus castrates his father. Astrologically similar, so does Saturn – Father Time, castrate all unstructured and unknown dreams and ambitions, harbored within us. Not surprisingly, Saturn represents structure and maintenance, while Uranus represents upheaval and reformation.

Cronus Trine Ouranos: in League

Luckily, this entire year is a balance of Saturn and Uranus. Cronos trine Ouranos, they sit at the table together and rewrite the rules, goals and directions our lives are moving in. As such, many amazing things happen when these two forces, construction and destruction, work together. I encourage you to harness these archetypes. Express, not suppress.

To start, the stiff is more bending and accepting of radical concepts and ideas. We find ourselves more ready, and fortified for upsets. Using upsets to our advantage, switching up our tact, we don’t feel defeated but rather we feel empowered. As well, old-established (outdated) norms, can easily be restructured into new and relevant norms. Moreover, there is a newfound ease to push forward with unusual agenda resistance. In turn, the decisions we make are received compassionately.

Refreshingly, global movements surface, we activate change within our immediate surroundings. New apps, programs, and electronics, replace old outdated tools, devices and mechanisms. In the name of progress, we usher in the lightning-strike rumbling, crumbling structures of our self, our home, our relationships, our country, our society, our civilization. Forward movement, toward new power, systems and technology. Consequently, we possess fresh concepts and attitudes toward restructure and a new order.

We can find the stability, within the instability. Thoughts?

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Cronus Trine Ouranos
Cronus-Ouranos artwork by: Mermade