Explore some of my personal resources: from Astrologers of whom I am graciously under the teaching, those whom I follow, admire and respect, to astrology Books, Sites, Blogs, Media and Merchandise. All of these gems revolve in my orbit, and come highly recommended.


  • Rick Levine – “Star.IQ” – I’ve been following the interpretations and teachings of Rick Levine since he and Jeff Jawer used to do “Planet Pulse” (really miss those two together). Presently, I follow Rick’s for Planet Pulse (audio only), and his monthly YouTube forecasts. Rick Levine is one of the first astrologers I started following on my journey. He was the speaker in “Quantum Astrology” produced in 2005 that I highly recommend (listed below).
  • Howard Sasportas – “Psychological Astrology” –  is (what I like to call) my “insider” teacher – for the past 3 years. He crossed into the universal collective in 1992, many years before I discovered who he was. When I study his teachings I am not only learning, but he is speaking through me, helping me to better interpret astrology through my own lens.
  • Richard Idemon – “Psychological Astrology” – the author of the first “real astrology” book I dove into (beyond my fundamental knowledge of signs, planets, houses, and aspects), kindly recommended to me by Kim Falconer. The way he interwove astrology and psychology was truly fascinating. Idemon passed away in 1987, so he too is an “insider” teacher.
  • Kim Falconer – “Law of Attraction” Astrologer. LOA falls into my own belief philosophy, and likewise her astrology interpretations are in alignment with my own energy. I find incredible insights and take something new with me from each of her forecasts.
  • Mystic Medusa – Mystic’s interpretations are so unique, fresh, and apt. She has an awesome blog with unconventional topics that always circle back to how they impact or are impacted by astrology. I am a second year student at “Astro-Hacks: Mystic’s School of Astrology” a unique platform that devotes study to all areas of astrology from beginner, to intermediate, to the more advanced topics. I am fortunate to have met and continue to meet and learn with minded individuals, sharing astrology interpretations and life experiences.
  • Rob Brezsny – “Free Will Astrology”- inspirational and uplifting horoscopes that are a mix of humorous yet also realistic and practical.
  • Kristin Fontana – “Evolutionary Astrologer” – insightful and relevant weekly starcasts.
  • Rachael Stuart Haas – “Artist & Astrologer” – I’ve learned a lot from Rachael with regards to “relationship and synastry” astrology topics, check her out.
  • Kaypacha Lescher – “Weekly Pele Report“, he totally “gets it”. I enjoy his relaxed aproach to astrology and how on target he is with the expression of planetary energies as they transit the globe.
  • Susan Miller – “Astrology Zone”, in depth monthly forecasts to help you plan your upcoming month to the alignment of the transiting planets.
  • Maria DeSimone – “Insightful Astrology”, monthly video horoscopes that are super practical. I’ve been watching Maria’s videos for many years. She has a great energy and is very “insightful”!

Astrology Websites

  • Astrodienst – A wealth of astrology information at this website. Get horoscopes, free birth charts, ephemeris, astro’carto’graphy, current planetary positions chart, articles, and even Astrology 101, basic building blocks for learning astrology.
  • Cafe Astrology – A wealth of astrology information at this website. Get horoscopes, free birth charts, ephemeris, and insightful aspect, sign, planet delineations.
  • Astrotheme – A wealth of astrology information at this website. Get horoscopes, free birth charts, I particularly like their chart of the moment application for pulling up specific chart times and navigating backward and forward easily by the hour.
  • Center for Psychological Astrology – Founded by Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene, covering all aspects of astrology from beginners’ courses to more advanced one-day seminars.

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