quincunx aspect

The quincunx aspect is a minor aspect. It occurs when a [planet + planet] or [planet + chart point (house cusp, angle, etc.)], or multiple planets/points create a 150° angle to one another. Some astrologers even say a 149° quincunx is even more potent.

Minor aspects are typically considered forming/fading within 0-2°, as well as relating to asteroids and fixed stars. For the aspect to be exact, it must be exact on the degree, within a 0° radius, or orb. Minor aspects are looked at for nuance and further depth and understanding.

Natal Chart

Quincunx aspects are considered in the natal chart, as a fixed positioning. An exchange between planets and points that plays out in the personality through our whole life.

Examples are:

n Sun quincunx n Moon


Quincunx aspects are also considered in transits, the currently shifting planets around their orbits, and how they meet-up, or aspect/exchange mathematically with our natal planets. Transits activate or amplify our natal aspects.

Examples are:

tr Sun quincunx n Moon

Paradox Harmonic 1/12

Like the semi-sextile, the Quincunx aspect is of the 12th Harmonic. However, the quincunx vibration is inherently unstable, it is a paradox. Quincunx is a difficult aspect, where we will find problems, that contradict what they lead to as a solution or understanding (unknowingly). A quincunx is a steady application and separation of energetic forces. So there is an adjustment and resourcefulness as is the 12th harmonic, but to a frictional experience. As the 12th harmonic contains both 3’s (ease) and 4’s (dis-ease).