Retracing Venus – Emerging from the Shadow

Alas, my focus is retracing Venus. Try as I might, I keep finding myself back at the recent “New Venus” on March 25th. Venus and the Sun were conjoined at 4°57 of Aries, marking the beginning of the 8 year synodic cycle of Venus at the inferior conjunction.

Retracing Venus Mar 25
Venus Inferior Conjunction, March 25 2017 By: Mermade

If you recall, Venus was deeply submerged in the underworld, the dark chasm of the abyss. Faced with the quest of unearthing core Venus values, she emerged and is moving forward. As a result, she brings with her the loot of our intentions, toward the next 8 year cycle. What treasures: gems, minerals, resources, fruits, pelts, meats, oils, scents, tools, has Venus brought forth for you, in her beautiful bounty?

Déjà vu

Like déjà vu, we find our god of Love back at 4°57 of Aries, tomorrow morning at 6:25 AM PST. Marking an opportune time to re-seal our intentions, set at the New Venus 42 days ago. As we retrace Venus’ path, take a moment and evaluate your circumstances. Are things playing out as you intended? Are things on track? Let this moment in time be your reminder.

Retracing Venus May 07
Retracing Venus, May 07 2017 By: Mermade



Beauty is born from the epic battle of stability vs. instability. The lightning crash of old meets new. The furies are scattered, and Venus emerges from the sea foam, atop a scallop shell, adorned in rosemary. The Aphrodite archetype, harnessed, invokes great transformation of love, balance, harmony, and relations. Thus, when we express and harness our Venus, we attract our desires. Venus in Aries is still in Shadow until May 18th. However, retracing Venus in Aries is as if we’ve just awoken from a dream. The time Venus was in Pisces was elusive, magical, and otherworldly. Venus in Aries creates the space to actualize our discoveries. Take a moment for Venus, be grateful, appreciative and loving for what you have and what you have the potential to become. Venus is the depiction of all things beautiful that can come out of trying times.

Retracing Venus Artwork by: Mermade