Ruled by Jupiter

Ruler of 9th House

Element Fire

Modality Mutable

Orientation Universal

Polarity Masculine

Expression of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac, and is expressed as “to perceive”. As the expression of Sagittarius, we are given the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something – and through all of our senses. So if we look to Scorpio to create, we look to Sagittarius to understand, interpret, or regard the creation – Sagittarius makes the impression.

Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the 9th house, the house of education, higher learning, travel, and philosophy. We express our Sagittarius through the desire to learn, to know, and we want to go places – see new landscapes, new people, new culture, and we want to share our perceptions, and perspectives through philosophy.

Sagittarius is free-flowing, open-minded, and giving. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and so the expression takes on these big expansive traits from the mighty luck God. Or “Guru” you might say. Sagittarius’ are natural born teachers, professors, mentors, and even historians. They are the type that gain knowledge and feel like they will burst if they don’t share it. You want to think twice before telling someone with big Sagittarius influence your secrets! Not always, but still it’s wise to be cautious.

Sagittarius is of the element “Fire”. Sagittarius gets antsy, and impatient when standing still. Sagittarius wants to move and get physical – for the sake of releasing bottled up fire energy. Sagittarius are great motivators, and make excellent supervisors, managers, and general team support. Highly operating Sagittarius are proactive, and follow through to get the job done. They are tuned in with the thoughts and feelings of the people around them, and want to be sure that everyone understands what the goal is. If not they are happy to teach and inform. Lower operating Sagittarius’ alternatively are reactive, out of focus, and flit from one thing to another. They have to be careful of spreading themselves too thin, and ending up in an overwhelming situation with way too many pots boiling on the stove. When that happens, there’s always the one pot that is neglected. It’s important for Sagittarius to be honest with themselves about what they can take on and what they cannot.

Because Sagittarius is of the “Mutable” modality, they are extremely flexible with life, tasks, and generally anything that is thrown their way. They can jump right in at the drop of a hat and tackle something. They aren’t the best planners, and that’s because they are usually happy with surprises and doing anything out of routine. This modality type combines interestingly with their orientation type “Transpersonal”, or as we sometimes call it “universal”. Sagittarius is the first of the “Transpersonal” signs. What this means is that Sagittarius thinks beyond the personal and the social, and is thinking globally or even on a universal collective scale. The expression of Sagittarius has undertones of the soul in that there is a certain level of empathy, because all living organisms are connected on some level. Sagittarius has to be cautious to not go too far in one direction of “all” vs “me” because of potential neglect of the body and the person’s needs. A healthy Sagittarius will set up the perfect scene, that provide strengths in areas that foster and nurture the personal, and social aspects, so he or she can focus on the transpersonal.

Sagittarius Consultation

Do Your Sag

Sag Activities

Education: College Courses, Study, Learn, Knowledge. Vacation, Travel, Change up of Routine.

Haute Sag

Expansive, Open-minded, Interpretive, Perceptive, Empathetic, Supportive, Motivating, Proactive, Loyal.

Low Sag

Careless/Clumsy, Reactive, Narrow-minded, Clueless, Ditsy, Depressed, Demotivating, Untrustworthy.