Saturn-Lilith Stranger Things: Nov 5-9 Weekly Astrocast

Saturn-Lilith Stranger Things

Saturn-Lilith, or rather “Stranger Things”, are upon us, and within a 4° orb. Authority meets rebellion with these two. In league together, they promote exacting perfection. In the realm of the black moon and time-space, these two will reinforce each other and fortify. The theme is structure and sharp wit – having clarity and sense of purpose and goal will dissolve the tendency for depression and moody-broody gloom.

Sunday November 5 – The Swindler

Mercury’s launch into Sagittarius right now promotes expansive thought and interactivity within the world that cannot and will not be contained. The trickster is out and about, ready to charm, but also with potential to swindle or be swindled. Sagi-Merc is hella playful, quick to act, so keep your eyes peeled! Call upon Saturn-Lilith for awareness and capacity to catch him in the act. Our thought processes, communication and immersion in the tangible world are guided in a force to explore and learn, while staying true.

Emotionally, your inner world is supported by intense will-power this afternoon. With Moon-Mars things may get heated, revved up, or there could even be a sudden burst of energy, a second wind. Take the opportunity of energetic lift-off, to express and release pent-up energy, making space for the illusory evening on the horizon.

The night will create movement, disruption and a tingling between what feels real vs. the unreal. Express this via reading, writing, researching, creating, organizing, cooking, cleaning, light exercise/stretching, or meditating.

Sunday Aspects

  • Moon into Gemini 2:26am
  • Mercury into Sagittarius 11:19am
  • Moon trine Mars 4:53pm
  • Moon square Neptune 8:58pm

Monday November 6 – Why So Serious?

The Gemini Moon stirs up the emotional world ~ airy emotion can create an unsettled bouncy energy. Moon by nature is watery, so this is like a rapidly moving river or even a crashing water fall, but under the surface. There’s not just one thing in focus, but rather many things, appearing at random, in the blink o fan eye moving from one thing, onto the next, and the next, and so on. Mental exhaustion is possible, as the daytime will be fast paced, like Monday’s usually are,  so take frequent breaks and regularly “check-in” with yourself. Be equipped with your arsenal of calming remedies, herbs, crystals that support fast paced, high strung energy.

As Moon moves into opposition of Saturn-Lilith in the evening, we experience a moments reprieve from the fast paced day. It could even come to a slamming, abrupt halt as we wrap up the work day. The evening will scrape us off of the wall we just crashed into, and swaddle us up in a bundle, so by 8pm, the support from Uranus adds a lighter perspective, some laughter and possibly silliness – making the day not seem so serious.

Monday Aspects

  • Moon in Gemini all day
  • Moon opposition Saturn 6:57pm
  • Moon sextile Uranus 7:54pm

Tuesday November 7 – Intimate Relations

The mood shifts on Tuesday, with Venus launching into Scorpio. Intimacy in relationships becomes the focus. With the support of the Moon the morning will bring an unspoken understanding between people, space given where necessary, and opening up will happen where needed.

This will be a welcome shift for people heavy in water elemental signs with Cancer and Scorpio lit up; but, could prove a challenge for those who have a difficult time expressing feelings. In the afternoon, with the support of Jupiter, one may find the catalyst to open up where he or she may not usually feel comfortable doing so.

After a day of feeling, the evening comes along with possible frustration in expressing physical needs. There’s a support in dreams to go deep and process the day, so give space in the evening as you wind down and don’t be surprised if there’s some friction or irritation before bedtime.

Tuesday Aspects

  • Moon v/c 2:39am
  • Moon in Cancer 2:44am
  • Moon trine Venus 2:39am
  • Venus into Scorpio 3:39am
  • Moon trine Jupiter 12:47pm
  • Moon square Mars 7:39pm
  • Moon trine Neptune 9:37pm

Wednesday November 8 – Rich Intensity Brings Rich Rewards

Morning clarity and support between what we want on the outside and what we want on the inside, at least over breakfast. By the time we get to work, our internal world is in for some turbulence – which is not necessarily a bad thing. Take it easy today and slowly. Don’t try to powerhouse through anything, if you take your time, you may discover new insights toward your process. Be open to shifts, disturbances, and upsets. It’s a good time for learning, and sometimes from our own mistakes. Be sensitive to yourself and to others.

If the turbulence was not enough for you during the day, the night time brings a different kind of rumble. There’s rebelliousness in the air, and the challenge is in finding how the change and striking shifts can be of great benefit. Discord brings to the surface issues, circumstances, and behavioral patterns that yearn for improvement and change. With intensity and concentration toward improvement, comes rich reward.

Wednesday Aspects

  • Moon in Cancer all day
  • Moon v/c 9:14pm
  • Moon trine Sun 5:34am
  • Moon opposition Pluto 7:06am
  • Moon square Uranus 9:14pm

Thursday November 7 – Out of this World Ideas

With the Moon roaring in Leo today – our emotions just want to GET OUT. Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Pluto team up this morning! There’s an extremely advantageous power in groups and communities – people are aching for something different and unique. Fabulous and exciting tension between accomplishing tasks together and the emotional desires of the individual benefiting everyone on a social level.

The afternoon should absolutely be reserved for any tasks that require you to be clever and creative. Moon-Mercury creates a bridge between razor sharp intellect and abstract expression. Moon-Jupiter wants to go hard or go home – expanding the intellectual and creative ground. The environment, space and people, will be open and willing to hear, receive as well as contribute, out of this world ideas, to benefit a group project.

Thursday Aspects

  • Moon into Leo 4:29am
  • Sun sextile Pluto 4:08am
  • Moon square Venus 9:14am
  • Moon trine Mercury 2:36pm
  • Moon square Jupiter 3:46pm

Friday November 8 – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Leo Moon can’t stop, won’t stop. It’s Friday <3. Sleeping through a Moon-Mars harmonious energy will have us waking up feeling refreshed and “in it to win it”. Not only that, it’s the last quarter Moon today. We begin seeing the Moon in the morning sky, for a wee bit longer than we have all week as it shifts back toward the Sun. Last quarter Moon is about RELEASE. And what better day for release, than Friday. For most people, the last day of the work week.

Tension in the afternoon between the Sun and Moon, will push us to let go of anything holding us back. Seek out the answers you need, the information you’re missing, and get those loose ends tied up before the weekend.

Friday Aspects

  • Moon in Leo all day
  • Moon sextile Mars 12:35am
  • Last Quarter Moon 18° Leo 12:36pm
  • Moon square Sun 12:36pm

Saturday November 9 – Productive Romance

We start the weekend on the heels of a Void of Course – Leo Moon – in Grand Fire Trine to Saturn & Uranus. We wake up passionate and fiery, just as the moon Launches into fastidious Virgo. With such a powerful early morning energy, it’s enough to push us through the entire day, being productive, and feeling accomplished.

Saturday evening screams romance. Moon-Venus and Moon-Jupiter, situated perfectly for a night out – a movie, dinner, a stroll under the sunset, the sky is the limit. However you do romance, this night is set up perfectly for that. The perfect way to reward yourself after a productive day. If you don’t have anyone to be romantic with – do something self-nourishing, and self-love oriented.

Saturday Aspects

  • Moon v/c 12:55am – Grand Fire Trine
  • Moon into Virgo 8:41am
  • Moon trine Saturn 12:55am
  • Moon trine Uranus 12:55am
  • Saturn trine Uranus exact 1:41am
  • Moon sextile Venus 7:07pm
  • Moon sextile Jupiter 9:26pm

*All times are PST

Saturn-Lilith Stranger Things By: Mermade