Saturn Retrograde April 5 2017

Chronos Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde is now a slow burning, smoldering fire, from now through August 24th. You’ll be feeling this the loudest at 28-21° of Sagittarius (+ or – 5 degrees). Saturn constricts and promotes pause, and hesitation. Saturn builds boundaries, and structure. He’s been parked in the Galactic Center for a while now, and particularly at 28° Sagittarius since March 18th – and will remain there until April 24th when he starts to backtrack over the place he just passed over.


It will be wise to take these next 4.5 months to express this energy in your life. Find fruitful ways to improve the systems you currently have in place on the day to day, short-term, and on longer term goals. Also, be gentle with yourself during these times, because while change is incredibly healthy, sometimes we need time to adapt and “arrive” into the new awareness. We can allow ourselves the space to let go of old patterns, to make room for new patterns.

Do Not Suppress

Avoid suppressing this inner urge to get into balance, in check, and instead embrace that disciplinary energy, become that person in your life that you admire and appreciate for calling the shots – for laying the foundation to optimizing yourself, your goals, your thoughts – and on all levels, mind, body, emotions, and spirit. You may want to run away from this responsibility – but know that Saturn can and will punish you later for it and the punishment feels a lot worse manifested later, than the act of following through with the initial self-discipline.

Major themes for me (personally) this Saturn Retrograde

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxes, etc. – getting my accounts in order. Not only getting caught up, but doing what I can to get ahead of the game for next year, so that I don’t find myself feeling behind and constantly playing catch up.
  • School – Getting my transcripts in order and transferring to the local college here to finish out my Associates degree so that I can then transfer toward an even greater area of study – of my choosing. The possibilities are endless.
  • Brain Rewiring – working to adjust the learned “brain” patterns I’ve developed internally toward how I talk to myself, how I treat, respect, and love myself.
  • Focusing on the present. Saturn represents time – and by time I mean all of time – past, present, future and I believe he knows all. Past is memory, future is goals, and the present is the only place where we can behold and do something about our current incarnation. Being more mindful of the present and what can be done.
  • Focusing on Karma, how my present intentions, vibrations and feelings set the stage for what I am able to receive, and in turn bounce over to other lives in other realms. In doing so I am taking an ongoing course online over at Good Vibe Astrology, exploring the Karmic connections to Law of Attraction and Astrology. I am already breaking some ground, and am extremely excited about what I will uncover and where my studies will take me.

Saturn conjunct Neptune – if you were born in my generation (early 80s, give or take some years), you likely have been and will be experiencing more emphasis around your natal Neptune. My natal Neptune is at 23° of Sagittarius. Saturn crossed my Neptune exact around mid-January this year. He will hit exact again at end of June/early July, and then one last time around early to mid-October.

Saturn in my 3rd

Saturn has been in my 3rd house for a couple years now. He’s been working my communications and interactive world. I’ve grown a lot I suppose, and have restructured some things… still, I can’t help but feel somewhat saddened that he is making his last “hurrah” in this house, and the sign, where my Sun and my Neptune live, and I feel like maybe I didn’t take advantage of him so much in Sagittarius like I should have and want to hold onto him as long as I can, then look at the aftermath. Can be better to him in Cappy, and the 4th house, than I was to him the 3rd?

Saturn on my IC – Transitioning to Capricorn

After the retrograde turns in August, the next big thing is back to Saturn on my IC – and preparing for the transition into Capricorn, intercepted in my 4th house. So, I think that is what all of this is in preparation for – having all my ducks in a row when Saturn enters his sign December 19 2017 <3

Saturn Retrograde
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