Scorpio Full Moon: You Are All I See May 10 2017 – Mermade Trove

We’ve come far, Scorpio Full Moon, exact this afternoon at 2:42pm PST at 20°24 of Scorpio. It may not seem like much, but so many things have happened since the New Moon in Taurus on April 26th. Energetically, we’ve made a complete 180°. Previously, we were conjoined with the Sun. But now, we have a straight forward perspective of Sun.

Our emotional world situated staring straight down the barrel into our physical world. Internally, we are ripe and illuminating. There is deep fulfillment in the expression of our intense creativity. We are driven, and we want meaning and purpose in our lives. Today unleashes our inner Scorpia. Listen to him/her, and give some space to express this force inside.

Externally, our physical world, situated staring straight down the barrel of our emotional world. Our inner sea focuses through the shutter. It sees our body indulging in life’s pleasures. Scorpio Full Moon feels the laughter, the joy, the external shift of spring to summer. The Moon see’s the heat of the sun on our shoulders, melting down our skin. The Moon sees us making moments. The moon sees our interaction with life, the way we can smell touch and taste.

This special Full Moon recognizes the polarity between the inner world, and outer world. There’s a distinctness separation. There’s a keen knowledge that there is more than what just meets the eye. The Moon desires to be a part of the outer world, and the Sun desires to be a part of that inner world. Thus, the choice is our part, how do we integrate the two realms?

The Moon and the Sun in conversation say to one another “You are all I see”. In a momentary reflection they ask each other: What is inner world without physical world? What is physical world without inner world? The answer is incomplete. This Moon begs to see the strengths from both sides of the coin. Then, once these strengths are visualized, we recognize that they are connected to the same coin.

Full Moon Aspects

Sextile Pluto – This Full Moon is expressed with ease, Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio in cooperation. Take advantage of this conversation.

Trine Neptune – Neptune (in it’s Sign of Pisces) and Scorpio in equilibrium, makes the space for creation of infusing your physical world with your inner agenda. Intuition is strong, and connection with higher thinking, and spiritual realms is certain.

Opposition Sun – There’s a tension between the inner and outer world, but also a clarity and distinct separation. We can define purpose of both realms, and decide the best way to integrate the two.

Scorpio Full Moon
You Are All I See By: Mermade

Artwork inspired by Scorpia from the 1980’s cartoon series: He-Man.