Ruled by Pluto

Ruler of 8th House

Element Water

Modality Fixed

Orientation Social

Polarity Feminine

Expression of Scorpio

The eight sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio, expressed as “to create”. After we’ve analyzed (Virgo), and we’ve weighed the situation (Libra), we are now in the space to get creative, and make manifestation our thoughts into the tangible world. To create, we draw from the deep emotional pool that is Scorpio. Scorpio is innovation, getting the hands involved in what the mind is doing through our emotions – and sharing with others.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house, the house of the “taboo”. The unspeakable parts of life that are actually a very integral part of who we are as human beings. Many people go to this place to stir up the feelings that spark creativity. The values (and most of the time spiritual), that we have and feel compelled to express in ways other than just talking about them. We show you through the arts, through crafts – new medium. This is why you see artworks that depict these “unspeakable” topics, such as religion, sex, death, and even other troubling things like guilt and remorse. Feelings of obligation or responsibility, due to traditions and or the breaking of traditions.

Pluto is the ruler of our dear Scorpion. Pluto brings new worlds into the scene, which typically involves the crushing or destruction of old worlds. Each scenario will play out differently, but the commonality is death – and rebirth. A good example Pluto through Scorpio is hyper-keen awareness and scrutiny, the catalyst for an awakening, and the creation of a new direction of life. When you lose or job, when you discover something life-altering about your health, or even when we lose the life of a friend or loved-one, the possibility to come out of it, stronger and in an entirely new place, or worse falling into a downward spiral is the workings of this Plutonic/Scorpio energy.

Scorpio is of the element “Water” with an emotional fluid energy that is suspicious, focused, and calculating. Higher operating Scorpio is a mastermind, the script writer to the screenplay. Scorpio is the director of the film, deciding the best elements to be incorporated to most successfully get the message across. Scorpio’s can be brooding or moody types, and a little standoffish. Scorpio needs the appropriate outlet to express and the space to learn to communicate their emotions effectively. Lower operating Scorpio’s can be turbo-charged missiles, that fire off unexpectedly. One moment you think they are fine and the next minute, explosion. Scorpio can also be very technical, going deep into understanding the intricacies of programs, software, computer science, is something that comes natural to Scorpio.

Scorpio is of a “Fixed” modality. They express in depth and they tend to have specific plans in mind with their methods and delivery. They need not be disrupted until they are appropriately finished. Scorpio is decisive, and knows what it wants. It takes the right kind of communication and at the right time – to try to make adjustments with them. This kind of modality is great when in a room with expressions that are more easy going and cannot make a decision. Fixed modality Scorpio will help you make your decision for you, and sometimes whether you want it or not.

Scorpio is the last sign of the “Social” orientation, so with Scorpio we are thinking about the social narrative behind emotion. Scorpio creates toward an openness to interpretation, and depending on the development of the Scorpio expression, would indicate its receptiveness to that interpretation. Creative Scorpio can work well in a collaborative scene, using their strengths toward a greater purpose. With Scorpio, everything has purpose, meaning, and nothing is surface.

Scorpio Consultation

Do Your Scorpio

Scorpio Activities

Creating: Writing, Drawing, Sculpting, Painting.

Haute Scorpio

Creative, Emotionally Mature, Communicative, Keen, Discerning, Connected, Deep, Boundaries, Receptive.

Low Scorpio

Volatile, Explosive, Shallow, Lack of Identity, Dark, Elusive, Secretive.