semi-square aspect

A semi-square is a minor aspect. It occurs when a [planet + planet] or [planet + chart point (house cusp, angle, etc.)], or multiple planets/points create a 45° angle to one another, a half square.

Minor aspects are typically considered forming/fading within 0-2°, as well as relating to asteroids and fixed stars. For the aspect to be exact, it must be exact on the degree, within a 0° radius, or orb. Minor aspects are looked at for nuance, and further depth and understanding.

Natal Chart

Semi-squares are considered in the natal chart, as a fixed positioning. An exchange between planets and points that plays out in the personality through our whole life.

Examples are:

n Sun semi-square n Moon


Semi-squares are also considered in transits, the currently shifting planets around their orbits, and how they meet-up, or aspect/exchange mathematically with our natal planets. Transits activate or amplify our natal aspects.

Examples are:

tr Sun semi-square n Moon

Unrest Harmonic of 1/8

Semi-squares are considered to be significant in that they create an exchange of unrest. The semi-square aspect, similar to a square has a conflicting nuance, yet it is more subtle than a square. We look to it as a reminder of the recently passing square, and the square it’s approaching. The semi-square is the exact mid-point of a the square. As always, other aspects happening in the chart at any given moment can impact how a square is expressed.