Star Children – Astrocast Nov 25 – Dec 3

Star Children

A Uranian Saturday – with Aqua Moon sextile Uranus at 2:34pm PST.

A Neptunian 1st quarter Moon into Pisces Sunday, the watery moon swimming with watery Neptune. Intuition, creativity, sensitivity are all heightened.

Mercurial-Saturnine Monday. Think mercantile, but with discernment. Concentration, seriousness – or is it?

Arien Tuesday on the inside and outside – deepening the Arien energy on Wednesday, in our actions and a need to express who we are, as Moon squares off with Pluto in the afternoon.

Indulging Taurean Thursday ~ get rooted, dig your fingers and toes into the soil. Get out in nature, or create your own inner nature/nurture.

The Friday vibration is Venusian and appropriately, with a spotlight on her entrance into Sagittarius.

Saturday, the cosmic regulator Jupiter trines Neptune – blurring reality while sharpening surreality – everything appears larger than life. While Mercury goes retrograde, and we may feel some resistance.

Finishing off with a Sunday Full Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, opposite the Sagi-Sun. A mutable energy, flexible to what is ripening in our midst.

star children
Star Children By: Mermade