Subtle Adjustments – Friday July 14

Subtle Adjustments

Sometimes we’re just so caught up in living and lose track of the planets. Who has time to do that? Well who “doesn’t”? It’s one of those things that comes down to making excuses. Even if the excuse is legitimate. Honestly, I don’t know where the past month has gone. Work projects have been rather slow, and potential has been slightly blurred on the horizon. It’s as if it is coming, but it’s just not come completely into focus – and the Sun is just blaring in your eyeball. So, we just keep pushing on, in hopes of eventual arrival. Trying to remember to rest and stay hydrated.

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune Was A Thing

I must admit, I am a little sad to see that I have only just looked at the final trail ends of the Jupiter quincunx Neptune. However, at the same time I laugh while getting goose-bumps and think well no freaking wonder the last handful of weeks has been a big blur of nonsense. We’re talking 12th harmonic here. Inherent instability, paradox, and the answer right in front of our faces – tucked away neatly inside the problems, the obstacles, and the madness. I take that back. Not nonsense, total sense, just it didn’t make sense at the time. Things should start coming in a bit more clearly now (should). Luck and balance vs. belief and magic. I don’t think I’ve gotten enough sleep, and living on the luck that I will be carried somehow. Believing that magic is possible. And really, it is.

Sun Quincunx Saturn Is Going to Be A Thing

Regardless of your “sign” (which by the way we are each ALL of the signs), on Friday, July 14 – the Sun comes into quincunx with Saturn. Time to rub our hands together and see if we can be a little more present with this quincunx. The nature of this conversation likely won’t have it any other way. What resources do you have at your disposal to make little (minor) adjustments? Ever so subtle. Cancer’s intuition and Sagittarius’ knowledge, face off with each other. Structural Saturn and the Sun expressed physically through the internal and Moon-world of Cancer. Will you even know if you are awake or sleeping? Will it matter? Sleeping or dreaming, Saturn is going to infiltrate your dreams and your waking life – and ever so subtly, remind you, this is the path we’re on, this is the way you should go. You should listen to him. Just notice.

subtle adjustments
Subtle Adjustments Artwork By: Mermade