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What’s your Sign?” The age old question! When someone asks you what your “sign is”, what they are really asking you is: “What is your Sun Sign?” Your Sun sign is the sign the Sun was in at the moment of your birth.

The Sun starts in the Tropical Zodiac at the Spring Equinox on March 20, and spends about 30 days in each sign, until it comes full circle (1 full year), and starts over again. The Sun’s energy represents our physical presence, the state of our vitality, our vigor and our health. The Sun is not technically a “Planet” and referred to often times as a “Luminary”. The Sun illuminates and lights up our body.

The Sun is the “hero” archetype, he takes on his quests despite all obstacles (aspects). The Sun carries a masculine polarity and he energizes and powers up our psyche. He is our physical/external energy projection. The Sun rules the Sign of Leo and is associated with the 5th House. The Sun energizes creativity, and how that is shared with the world (or not shared). You could think of the Sun as a form of purity. The Sun is like your prime-time, at the height of your youthfulness, and associated with Leo, the Lion, regal and poised. The Sun is exalted in Aries – this sign, having a similar nature to Leo (fire, power) give the sun strength and energy and its influence is considered to be of a good nature. The Sun is in detriment in Aquarius – the sign opposite of the sign he rules (Leo), and it is said to have a negative impact. The Sun is in fall in Libra – the sign opposite of its exaltation which can create problems and a lack of strength and power.

Planets in aspect (exchange) to the Sun also have an impact on how we express our Sun. Likewise, we can look to the transiting Sun to illuminate areas of our chart as it travels along its orbit. For instance, the Sun moving through your 5th house of Creativity, might activate a project you have on the table, needing direction or decision. Or if a project still needs time then be cautious about the Sun’s energy pushing you to move forward on something you’re not ready to do yet. The Sun is the center of our Galaxy – everything revolves around the Sun. One important thing to always remember, is that while it might feel like the “Sun” is the center of the universe, there are many Suns – many hero’s, part of one big universal collective.

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  • External, Physical, Hero, Vitality, Presentation, Presence, Quests, Adventure, Champion, Style, Vigor, Libido, Health.

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