Saturn-Lilith Stranger Things: Nov 5-9 Weekly Astrocast

Saturn-Lilith or rather “Stranger Things”, is upon us. Authority...

eclipse aftermath

Eclipse Aftermath – Actual Picture of you Post Eclipse

It might feel difficult to bring anything into tangible reality, today. Feeling...

Grand Air Trine Inside Mystic Rectangle

My moon-sister messaged me this morning with a link to the ‘chart of the...

Astrotrove Cast 1/23/2017

The Astro-trove Cast of the week lends itself to the mental process of forming...

9th House






Mercury+Uranus Stimulation

Everything is so weird this week. Retro Mercury sextile natal Mercury/Uranus +...

Simplicity is Beauty

Stripping back my birth chart to 1 degree orb.

Transiting: Venus, Mars, Jupiter conjunct Natal Moon

Do I want to spend the day researching, writing, taking notes, organizing myself...