virgo moon release

Virgo Moon Release: Exact 18° Virgo 11:51 PM PST

Relax your head, your shoulders/neck, your heart, your solar plexus, and your...

nebulous solidity

Nebulous Solidity – Astro Cast Week of Oct 2

Nebulous Solidity. Drawn to float and drift. Yet, a sense of urgency and...

Gemini Mars Verbal Aggression

Gemini Mars April 21 @3:32 AM

As Moon squares Mars, we go from ‘grounded pleasure’ Toro Mars, to ‘mental...

Aries Zodiac Sign



1st House




Simplicity is Beauty

Stripping back my birth chart to 1 degree orb.

Transiting: Venus, Mars, Jupiter conjunct Natal Moon

Do I want to spend the day researching, writing, taking notes, organizing myself...